July 2017
McConnell on Obamacare: The American People Are Looking To Us For A Better Way
Obamacare Is Hurtling Towards Collapse
June 2017
Americans Deserve Better Than Obamacare
McConnell On Health Care: We Have To Get This Done For The American People
Senate Health Care Plan Will Provide Better Care For Americans
Americans Deserve Better Care
McConnell: Free Speech Is Crucial To Who We Are As Americans
Obamacare Has Continued To Hurt The People We Represent
McConnell On Obamacare: We Have To Act
Despite Obamacare’s Failures, Democrats Are Still Trying To Prevent Congress From Acting
We Can and Must Do Better Than Obamacare’s Status Quo
Gratitude, Prayers to the Victims of Yesterday’s Horrific Shooting
Senate to Pass New Sanctions Holding Iran, Russia Accountable
Leader McConnell on the Shooting in Alexandria, VA
Iran Sanctions More Important Than Ever
Our Economy Needs Tax Reform
Our Veterans Deserve the Care They Were Promised
Working To Bring Relief From Obamacare
Senate Continues Work on Bipartisan Iran Sanctions Bill
McConnell Defends Free Speech in Address to Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference
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