April 2017
Judge Gorsuch is Going to Make the American People Proud
McConnell on U.S. Military Response in Syria
Time to End the Judicial Wars: Allow Up-or-Down Vote on Judge Gorsuch
Judge Gorsuch is Eminently Qualified to Serve on the Supreme Court
Bipartisan Opposition to Democrats' Partisan Filibuster of Judge Gorsuch
McConnell on Gorsuch: Not Too Late for Our Democratic Colleagues to Make the Right Choice
March 2017
There is Not One Single Principled Reason to Oppose Judge Gorsuch
Restoring State Control Over Health Funding
Senate Will Vote To Protect Retirement Savings
Senate Democrats Search For Excuse to Filibuster Judge Gorsuch
American Energy Independence Executive Order is Good News for Kentucky Coal Communities
Judge Gorsuch Has a Record of Building Consensus
McConnell on the NATO Accession Treaty for Montenegro
Seven Years Of Obamacare’s Broken Promises
Gorsuch Has Earned Respect From Democrats, Independents and Republicans Alike
Senate Continues Regulatory Relief Efforts
McConnell on London Terror Attack
Ending Obama Regulation Allows Focus on Employee Safety, Not Bureaucrats
Support For Judge Gorsuch Grows As Confirmation Hearings Continue
The Legacy of Obamacare: Increased Costs, Diminishing Choices and Broken Promises
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