March 2022
President Biden’s Mandate Threatens Rural Americans’ Access to Healthcare
McConnell Remarks on Meeting With Judge Jackson
McConnell Honors Departing State Office Manager Angie Schulte
President Biden Needed To Pivot — But Chose Not To
One Year In, Biden Administration Owes Americans a Major Course Correction
McConnell to Meet Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson
February 2022
McConnell Pays Tribute to Richard Blum
McConnell Remarks on Sen. Jim Inhofe
With World in Crisis, Democrats Focus on Extreme and Unpopular Abortion Bill
Putin Has Again Invaded Another Sovereign Country
Democrats’ Anti-Energy Agenda Hurts Working Families and Helps Putin
BLM Bails Out Would-Be Assassin After Louisville Shooting
Masks, Radical Nonsense, and No Transparency: Far Left’s Vision for K-12 Schools
Without Evidence, President Biden “Rejects” Army Report on Botched Afghanistan Policy
U.S. Must Back Rhetoric on Ukraine With Concrete Action
Federal Reserve Needs Nominees Without Radical Far-Left Ideologies and Ethical Questions
Democrats’ Inflation Is Getting Worse and Worse
“American Families Deserve Normalcy”
Another Terrible Inflation Report Shows Democrats Are Failing Families
Americans Suffering a Violent Crime Wave Fueled By Democrats’ Far-Left Turn
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