June 2015
Senate to Consider Bipartisan Cybersecurity Measure as part of Defense Bill
Obamacare: Broken Promises, Higher Costs, Massive Failures
Rising Premiums, Costs Continue to Plague Obamacare
McConnell Outlines Challenges, Opportunities Facing Burma in 2015
Obamacare: Skyrocketing Costs, Broken Promises, Repeated Failures
McConnell Urges Senate Democrats Not to Play Partisan Politics with Defense Bill
McConnell Opposes Bill that Weakens Counter-Terrorism Tools
McConnell Calls for ‘Sensible Improvements’ to House-Passed FISA Bill
McConnell Urges Adoption of Amendments to Improve House-Passed FISA Bill
May 2015
Senate Working to Continue Key Counterterrorism Program
Anti-Terror Tools Protect Americans
Senate Working to Pass Trade Promotion, FISA and Highway Funding
McConnell Urges Cooperation on Trade Legislation
McConnell Praises House Passage of Human Trafficking Bill
Trade Promotion Bill Will Help Spur Better Jobs, Higher Wages and a Stronger Economy
McConnell Calls For Bipartisan Cooperation, Additional Trade Amendments
Approval of Trade Promotion Authority Is a Vote for American Workers, Jobs
Senate Agenda This Week to Focus on Trade, FISA and Highway Funding
McConnell Honors Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers
Keeping Poison Pills Out of Trade Bill a Positive Step For Economy
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