March 2016
Senate Working in Bipartisan Way to Help Address Online Human Trafficking
McConnell On Supreme Court Nomination
Senate Should Work to Save Families From Higher Grocery Bills
Senate to Consider Bipartisan Bill to Protect American Families from Increased Food Labeling Costs
Republican Senate Building on Bipartisan Accomplishments for American People
National Democrats’ War on Coal Continues
Senate Set to Continue Accomplishments Under the New Majority
Passing Senate’s Bipartisan Bill will be ‘Big Step’ in Combating Opioid Epidemic
Senate to Vote on Bipartisan Bill to Address Opioid Epidemic
McConnell Encourages Senate to Move Forward in Addressing Opioid Epidemic
Honoring the Life of First Lady Nancy Reagan
Bipartisan Bill Will Help Address Drug Epidemic in Kentucky and Nation
McConnell Reiterates to President the American People Will Be Heard, Senate Will Observe ‘Biden Rule’
Senate Continues Work to Pass the Bipartisan Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act
McConnell on Supreme Court Vacancy: American People Will Be Heard
February 2016
Bipartisan Bill Would Help Communities, Law Enforcement Combat the Opioid, Heroin Epidemic
Senate Continues Bipartisan Efforts to Address the Opioid Epidemic, Help Families Impacted by Drug Abuse
Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony Honoring the Selma Foot Soldiers
President Must Follow Laws He Signed Prohibiting Transfer of Gitmo Terrorists to U.S.
McConnell Asks Senate to Consider VP Biden’s Words on Supreme Court Vacancy
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