March 2022
A Biden Administration Border Stand-Down Would Be A Disaster
McConnell Honors Kentuckian Corporal Jacob Moore
McConnell Remarks on Beginning of Supreme Court Hearings
While Putin Massed Forces, Biden Administration Kept Squeezing American Energy
Judge Jackson’s Boosters Say “Empathy” Will Tilt Her Jurisprudence
Runaway Inflation Was 12 Months in the Making — Not 3 Weeks
McConnell on Ukraine: “Here Is What President Biden Should Be Doing Right Now”
Why Did Pro-Court-Packing Radicals Want Judge Jackson Specifically?
Bipartisan Opposition to President Biden’s Radical Fed Nominee
“American Strength Is Not the Provocation. American Weakness Is.”
McConnell on Supporting Ukraine: “Strength Is Not A Provocation”
Bipartisan Government Funding Bill Contains Big Wins for National Defense
Democrats’ War on Domestic Energy Long Predates Putin’s War on Ukraine
Democrats’ War on American Energy Hurts Families and Cuts Our Global Leverage
Ukraine Aid Cannot Move “At the Speed of Bureaucracy”
Rumored Iran Deal Would Mean “Choosing Weakness in the Middle East”
President Biden’s Mandate Threatens Rural Americans’ Access to Healthcare
McConnell Remarks on Meeting With Judge Jackson
McConnell Honors Departing State Office Manager Angie Schulte
President Biden Needed To Pivot — But Chose Not To
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