October 2015
President’s Partisan Veto of Defense Bill Is Unacceptable, McConnell Says
Bipartisan Cybersecurity Bill Would Help Protect Privacy of Americans
Cybersecurity Bill Is ‘strong, transparent, and bipartisan,’ McConnell Says
McConnell Encouraged by White House Focus on Addressing Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Epidemic
Collapse of KY Health Co-op Emblematic of Obamacare’s Broken Promises
Senate to Vote Today on Legislation that Includes Kate’s Law, Addresses Sanctuary Cities and Additional Law Enforcement Protections
Senate to Consider Legislation That Would Penalize ‘Sanctuary’ Cities
Senate to Consider Energy Security and Water Infrastructure Funding Bill Today
In a Dangerous World, It’s ‘Essential’ President Sign, Not Veto, the Defense Bill, McConnell Says
Defense Authorization Provides Tools to Protect America’s National Security
Bill That Sets Policy, Authorizes Defense Funding Set for Senate Vote on Tuesday
Senate Passes Congressman Guthrie’s PACE Act
September 2015
Funding for Military and Veterans up Next in Senate
Senator McConnell Honors Congressman Whitfield on the Senate Floor
Senate Set to Consider More Funding, Support for Military and Veterans
Senate Set to Pass Funding Bill
Democrat Filibusters on Spending Bills Prompt Need for Short-Term CR
McConnell on House Speaker Boehner: ‘Country and Institution before Self’
McConnell: Senate Democrats’ Opposition to Defunding Planned Parenthood Won’t End the Debate
McConnell: A Privilege to Welcome the Pope to the Capitol
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