‘A Historic Opportunity’ For Tax Reform

‘The Republican Tax Reform Plan Will Turbo-Charge The Economy’

‘The Framework Released Today Represents A Transformation Of America’s Tax Code And Would Help The Middle Class’

DAVID WILLIAMS, Taxpayers Protection Alliance President: “…a pro-growth tax code that will transform the American economy. The four million wordlong tax code strangles individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses alike in billions of dollars in compliance costs. …the comprehensive tax overhaul in 1986 demonstrated that reducing the number of brackets and slashing rates across the board is not only possible, but necessary for longrun growth. The Administration and Congress’s agreement over several key provisions shows that there is finally political will to simplify the tax code and bring businesses to the United States.  … For decades, complicated rules and sky-high tax rates for individuals and companies have held back prosperity in the United States. Now, lawmakers have the historic opportunity to push forward an agenda that creates prosperity and releases businesses and families from a federal stranglehold.” (“Taxpayers Protection Alliance,” Press Release, 9/27/2017)

MARIO LOPEZ, President Of The Hispanic Leadership Fund: “The Hispanic Leadership Fund applauds the tax reform framework—today’s proposal is the start of much needed reform to fix our country’s broken tax code.  We applaud the focus on relief for middle-class families, increasing the Child Tax Credit, substantially lowering the top rate for small and family-owned businesses, and lowering the corporate rate from the highest in the world to a level that will spur job creation and economic growth. This framework for tax reform is a step forward for working families, small businesses that power our economy, and anyone who wants to see better and higher paying jobs here in the U.S.” (Hispanic Leadership Fund, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

PETE SEPP, National Taxpayers Union President: “For overburdened taxpayers, the wait is over – Congress and the President are not only reading from the same book on tax reform, they’re now getting on the same page. The core tax reform principles they’ve outlined in today’s framework can deliver on relief for middle-class families and individuals, a simpler filing process, a fairer system that allows all businesses to create more jobs, and ultimately a prosperous economy. By lowering rates, broadening the tax base, getting rid of nuisances like the death tax and Alternative Minimum Tax, expanding the standard deduction, giving businesses of all sizes pro-growth tax tools, and enhancing our competitiveness abroad, the framework gives Congress the solid foundation it needs to legislate. In short, we have the best opportunity in more than three decades to transform our antiquated tax code for the benefit of everyone.” (National Taxpayers Union, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

GROVER NORQUIST, President Of Americans For Tax Reform: “The Republican tax reform plan will turbo-charge the economy, create millions of new jobs and make America the best place in the world to invest, build and create.” (Americans For Tax Reform, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

BRENT GARDNER, Americans For Prosperity Chief Government Affairs Officer: “This is a strong framework for the kind of bold, pro-growth reform we’ve been working to support all year.  If Congress can translate policy like this into legislation, we can expect a renaissance for the U.S. economy, job growth and production to follow. This plan will improve lives by allowing Americans to keep more money in their paychecks and ensuring the United States is the best place in the world to do business.” (Americans For Prosperity, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

TOM SCHATZ, Citizens Against Government Waste President: “The ‘Big Six’ tax reform plan is a historic opportunity to unleash the economic potential of the American people.  If the plan is enacted, Americans will get to keep more of their own money, filing taxes will be far simpler, and small businesses will boost wages and create jobs. Every taxpayer dollar that is returned back to hard-working Americans is a dollar not squandered in a federal bureaucracy brimming with waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement.” (Citizens Against Government Waste, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

ADAM BRANDON, FreedomWorks President: “Americans are fed up with the rigged economy. They see a current tax code that benefits politically connected special interests. The framework released today represents a transformation of America’s tax code and would help the middle class. It simplifies a complex system that taxpayers spend billions annually to comply with and will spur economic growth, allowing American businesses to increase wages and create more jobs. ... This is a generational moment. We need a tax code that promotes economic growth, fairness, and opportunity for all. We absolutely must get this done, and we must get it done this year.” (Americans For Tax Reform, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

CORRY BLISS, American Action Network Executive Director: “The White House and congressional leaders have unveiled a unified and bold plan to move forward on pro-growth tax reform that puts middle-class families and job creators first. With too many hardworking Americans living paycheck to paycheck and small businesses struggling to keep up with foreign competition, it’s clear the status quo has failed. Congress has the opportunity to make things right and deliver a tax code that is simple, fair and lowers rates for working families and small businesses. We are proud to see a great focus on defending and protecting American workers and job creators, that’s how we will see working families prosper and stronger economic growth.” (American Action Network, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

DAVID MCINTOSH, Club for Growth President: “Fundamental tax reform comes around only once in a generation, and this is our chance. The outline is both aggressive and very pro-growth with its rate reductions. Club for Growth congratulates the members of the Big Six for their hard work and will continue to support the pro-growth efforts of the Trump administration and Congress as they seek to make tax reform a reality.” (Club For Growth, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

MICHAEL NEEDHAM, Heritage Action: “We have a once in a generation opportunity to fundamentally reform our nation’s stagnant and convoluted tax code that suppresses American job creators and workers. Heritage Action applauds President Trump and congressional leaders for uniting behind a coherent set of reforms and reductions that align with conservative priorities.  If enacted, there is no doubt such a plan would unleash economic growth, create jobs and increase wages.” (Heritage Action, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

TIMOTHY HEAD, Faith And Freedom Coalition Executive Director: “President Trump, Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell and other leaders in Congress and the administration have unveiled a historic overhaul of the U.S. tax code that will provide real tax relief for American families and business. Americans of faith support these efforts to repeal the Johnson Amendment, expand the child tax credit, double the standard deduction for individuals and married couples, and provide relief for small businesses to unleash the full power of the American economy to create jobs, and allow parents to better provide for their families.” (Faith And Freedom Coalition, Press Release, 9/28/2017)

NATHAN NASCIMENTO, Freedom Partners Vice President Of Policy: “This framework is a giant step for a stronger economy, and more jobs and higher wages for the American people. Making it a reality would let taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money, increase America’s global competitiveness, and send a message that there will be no better place in the world to invest and create jobs than the United States.” (Freedom Partners, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

DAN WEBER, Association of Mature American Citizens President: “For decades, hardworking Americans have been asking Congress for relief from an overly complicated and outrageously expensive tax system.  The Republican Framework for Tax Reform is a significant step toward meaningful tax reform that will allow millions of Americans to keep their hard-earned money and incentivize businesses to return home from their overseas operations.  Increasing the individual and family standard deduction, eliminating the estate tax, and creating a competitive corporate tax rate are just a few things that will create economic growth like never before while making taxation in the U.S. more simple, equitable, and globally competitive.” (Association Of Mature American Citizens, Press Release, 9/27/2017)

RICK MANNING, President Of Americans For Limited Government: “…the GOP Congress and President Trump are taking a step in the right direction with the tax plan that has been outlined. Of particular importance is the lowering of the corporate tax rate which will make it profitable for businesses to bring and create middle class jobs in the U.S. What’s more, the simplification of the individual tax code along with doubling the standard deduction will be a boon for the average American taxpayer.” (Americans For Limited Government, Press Release, 9/27/2017)


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