Biden’s Border Crisis Shatters Records

Apprehensions Of Migrants Trying To Illegally Cross The U.S. Southern Border Broke An All-Time Record Last Month, Showing Once Again That The Biden Administration Has Completely Failed To Either Address The Crisis


Apprehensions Of Illegal Immigrants At The Southern U.S. Border Reached ‘An All-Time Monthly High’ In May

 Southern Border Encounters May 2022

(U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Accessed 6/16/2022)

“Border Patrol agents along the southern border recorded in May an all-time monthly high in apprehensions, processing migrants who entered the U.S. unlawfully over 222,000 times as part of a historic migration event, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) statistics released Wednesday show. May’s tally of migrant arrests surpassed the previous monthly record U.S. Border Patrol set in March 2000, when the agency recorded just over 220,000 apprehensions, according to historical government data for the past two decades…. The statistics published Wednesday show the unprecedented levels of migrant arrivals recorded along the U.S.-Mexico border over the past year under President Biden have only continued to intensify, posing major humanitarian, logistical and political challenges for his administration.” (“U.S. Border Patrol Migrant Apprehensions Reached Record Levels In May,” CBS News, 6/15/2022)

“U.S. border authorities stopped migrants more often on the southern border for a fourth straight month in May, apparently unaffected by expectations that pandemic-era limits on asylum may be lifted. Migrants were stopped 239,416 times in May, up 2% from 235,478 in April and up 33% from 180,597 in May 2021, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday.” (“Migrant Crossings At US Border Rise For 4th Straight Month,” The Associated Press, 6/15/2022)


And The Biden Administration Has Completely Failed At Dissuading Even More People From Attempting To Cross The U.S. Border

“Thousands of migrants set off from southern Mexico last week in one of the largest caravans seeking to reach the United States in recent years. The mass movement coincided with a recent meeting in Los Angeles, of leaders from the Western Hemisphere, where migration was a key focus. Though migrant caravans have become a common phenomenon … the latest march by some 6,000 people walking along Mexican highways has drawn significant international attention.” (“A Caravan of Migrants Set Off Toward U.S. During Americas Summit,” The New York Times, 6/11/2022)

“Biden has tasked Vice President Harris with leading the administration’s Root Causes Strategy, with billions of dollars in new investments for Central America’s Northern Triangle region of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The leaders of those countries skipped the Los Angeles summit, however …” (“U.S. Border Arrests Rose To Record High In May, Data Shows,” The Washington Post, 6/16/2022)

Cities On Mexico’s Northern And Southern Borders Have Become Waiting Rooms For Migrants Attempting To Cross The U.S. Border

“Just 15 minutes from El Paso, Texas, the largest immigrant shelter in this city of 1.5 million has become a way station for throngs of would-be border crossers … ‘Our city has become a waiting room,’ Yvonne Lopez De Lara, the human rights coordinator at Casa del Migrante, told The Post on Thursday. The shelter is currently jammed to its capacity of 400 people…. Casa del Migrante used to be one of only two shelters in Juarez, but that number has grown to nearly 40 in recent years as more and more immigrants have arrived. City officials estimate there are between 10,000 and 15,000 migrants currently in Juarez — some in shelters and some on the streets.” (“Mexican Border City Becomes ‘Waiting Room’ For US-Bound Immigrants,” New York Post, 5/19/2022)

“Once in Mexico, a migrant is usually required to stay in the southern city of Tapachula until the Mexican authorities grant a humanitarian visa to travel farther, a process that can take months. ‘Tapachula has become a giant migrant jail,’ said Luis García Villagrán, a spokesman for the caravan…. Rather than languish in Tapachula, some migrants either pay human traffickers, many of whom have links to organized crime, or bribe immigration officials to speed up the process, Mr. García said in a phone interview. Still others try to bypass the Mexican visa process and join the groups heading north, he said, believing that their large numbers will make it more difficult for the Mexican authorities to halt their progress. A spokeswoman for Mexico’s National Institute for Migration said efforts were being made to provide migrants with legal paperwork in Tapachula.” (“A Caravan of Migrants Set Off Toward U.S. During Americas Summit,” The New York Times, 6/11/2022)

  • “Mexico’s migration agency has issued nearly 7,000 temporary documents and transit visas over the last few days to members of a migrant caravan … Hundreds of people were heading north in buses while others were spread out over various towns north of Tapachula, near the Guatemalan border, resting or waiting to receive money from relatives to continue their trip to the United States…. [T]he bus terminal in the southern Mexican town of Huixtla was filled with migrants looking for tickets north.” (“Mexico Issues 7,000 Temporary Documents To Migrants In South,” The Associated Press, 6/11/2022)


Last Year, President Biden Actually Claimed ‘We’ve Now Gotten Control’ Of The Border Crisis, But Secretary Of State Blinken Admitted Recently That The Border Problems Are ‘Beyond Anything That Anyone Has Seen Before’

Biden In 2021: ‘[L]ook, It’s Way Down Now. We’ve Now Gotten Control’

NBC’s CRAIG MELVIN: “But in April alone, Mr. President, 170,000 people, migrants apprehended at the border to 20 year record. There are 22,000 unaccompanied children in our country right now. That’s a record. That sounds to most folks like a crisis.”
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: “Well, look, it’s way down now. We’ve now gotten control.” (NBC’s “Today,” 4/30/2021)

Blinken Earlier This Month: ‘We’re Dealing With A Challenge That, For A Whole Variety Of Reasons, Is Beyond Anything That Anyone Has Seen Before’

“US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CNN that the immigration challenges facing the Biden administration along the southern border are ‘beyond anything that anyone has seen before’ …” (“Blinken Says Immigration Challenges Facing US At The Southern Border Are ‘Beyond Anything That Anyone Has Seen Before,’ CNN, 6/08/2022)

“‘We’re dealing with a challenge that, for a whole variety of reasons, is beyond anything that anyone has seen before, which is exactly why the approach that we’re taking, including here at the summit, is so important,’ Blinken told CNN en Español’s Juan Carlos López during an interview conducted on Tuesday at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles.” (“Blinken Says Immigration Challenges Facing US At The Southern Border Are ‘Beyond Anything That Anyone Has Seen Before,’ CNN, 6/08/2022)


Democrat Representing A Texas Border District: ‘[Democrats] Have Just Forgotten About The Brown People On The Border … They Are Taking Latinos In South Texas For Granted’

“Less than 24 hours after the GOP flipped a congressional district in South Texas, several Latino Democrats cornered their campaign chief on the House floor with a fervent plea: It’s time for the party to make a crucial course correction. Republicans blew up more than a century of almost uninterrupted Democratic control in that region Tuesday night, earning a special election win in a heavily Latino border district they had rarely even contested since its creation in 2012 — but where the GOP has made rapid gains in the last few years. That trend has been on Democrats’ minds since former President Donald Trump cut deep into the party’s margins in the Rio Grande Valley in 2020. But national Republicans poured money into the special election in this 85 percent Latino district from the beginning.” (“Latino Democrats Vent Their Fury After Foreboding Special Election Loss In Texas,” Politico, 6/15/2022)



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