‘Break The Cycle Of Delays’

Mayors, Job Creators, Farmers, And Workers Push For ‘Common Sense,’ ‘Important’ Long Term Highway Bill

‘Refreshing To See Congress Focus On A Multi-Year Solution’

100+ MAYORS: “America’s economic strength depends upon our cities, towns, and suburbs having the transportation networks they need to attract and retain businesses and provide opportunities for residents to prosper. Mayors know firsthand the benefits of a well-functioning transportation network and the danger of underinvestment.” (Letter to Members of Congress, 7/24/15)

  • “We commend Chairman Inhofe, Ranking Member Boxer, and the full Senate Environment and Public Works committee for unanimously passing a bipartisan six year transportation bill with increased funding out of the committee last month. Just last week the Senate Commerce Committee also took action. We urge you to make significant progress on this effort in a timely manner. Without it, we risk reducing national productivity and competitiveness relative to our global competitors.” (Letter to Members of Congress, 7/24/15)

NATIONAL GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION: “Governors stand ready to work with Congress to help pass a long-term reauthorization of federal surface transportation laws and programs. It is time to settle these issues.” (National Governors Association, Press Release, 6/24/15)

68 TRANSPORTATION RELATED ORGANIZATIONS: “The undersigned organizations representing every sector of the U.S. economy urge all members of the Senate to pass a six-year reauthorization of the federal surface transportation program in 2015.” (Letter To Members of Congress, 7/20/15)

  • “Temporary program extensions and eight years of recurring Highway Trust Fund revenue crises do not provide a path to future economic growth, jobs and increased competitiveness. We urge you to end this cycle of uncertainty by advocating and voting for a six-year surface transportation program reauthorization bill during 2015.” (Letter To Members of Congress, 7/20/15)

AMERICAN FARM BUREAU FEDERATION: “The American Farm Bureau Federation supports the bipartisan and multiyear highway bill. The U.S. economy and all Americans, particularly rural Americans, require a surface transportation infrastructure network that can keep pace with our nation's growing infrastructure demands. A long term commitment to prioritize and invest in our aging infrastructure is essential to achieving this goal.” (Letter To Sen. McConnell, 7/24/15)

MAYA MACGUINEAS, President of Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget: “‘It's refreshing to see Congress focus on a multi-year solution instead of just another short-term patch,’ said Maya MacGuineas, the group's president. ‘And for the most part, this is a fiscally responsible bill that relies on some pretty solid offsets.’” (“Senate Votes To Advance Highway Funding Bill,” USA Today, 7/22/15)

HIGHWAY MATERIALS GROUP: “Congress has the constitutional responsibility to maintain a vital national transportation system. We stand in strong support of passage of a six-year surface transportation reauthorization bill at minimum DRIVE Act investment levels by July 31 over another temporary extension.” (Letter to Members of Congress, 7/14/15)

  • “With approximately 65% of major roads rated in less than good condition and one in nine bridges structurally deficient, now is the time to pass a robustly funded six-year surface transportation reauthorization.  We must overcome the Highway Trust Fund crisis and break the cycle of delays and extensions, effectively setting America back on the path of being the global infrastructure leader.” (Letter to Members of Congress, 7/14/15)

PETER RUANE, President of American Road and Transportation Builders Association: “The measure would also aid states in long-term planning by distributing six years of contract authority…After six Highway Trust Fund revenue shortfalls in the last eight years, Congress now has a chance to deliver three-years of reliable highway and public transportation investments and provide states a six­ year reauthorization plan with common sense policy reforms.” (“Advocates Cheer Senate Highway Deal,” The Hill, 7/21/15)

ROGER DOW, President of U.S. Travel Association: “U.S. Travel Association President Roger Dow agreed, saying the agreement is an important development because the deterioration of the nation's roads and bridges is negatively impacting tourism. ‘America's aging roads and bridges are at a critical junction,’ Dow said in a statement. ‘Travelers see and experience it daily, slowed by record congestion and bumper-to-bumper conditions that will soon resemble holiday traffic levels absent solutions.’” (“Advocates Cheer Senate Highway Deal,” The Hill, 7/21/15)

U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce encourages the Senate to expeditiously complete work on H.R. 22, the DRIVE Act, which would provide a much needed long-term reauthorization of federal highway and transit programs.” (Letter to Members of Congress, 7/24/15)

  • BRUCE JOSTEN, Vice President of U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “We believe that in order to be competitive in the global marketplace and grow jobs in America, increased investment in transportation is crucial. Roads, bridges, and transit systems have proven to be unsustainable under continuous short-term extensions. Without long-term certainty, businesses cannot plan for hiring or capital expenditures; land, labor, and capital are more expensive as the time value of money increases project costs; projects that need multi-year funding commitments are delayed; and opportunities for economic development and economic growth are lost.” (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Press Release, 7/21/15)

ARIC NEWHOUSE, Senior Vice President of the National Association of Manufacturers: “The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest manufacturing association in the United States, representing manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states, urges you to support H.R. 22, the Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy (DRIVE) Act…Manufacturers support H.R. 22 which would ensure continued investment in highways and transit systems.” (Letter to Members of Congress, 7/27/15)

  • “The legislation seeks to end a pattern of continued uncertainty and short-term extensions that discourage long-term investments in new bridges, roads and transit systems. In addition to guaranteed three-year funding, the legislation includes important reforms that will further streamline environmental reviews and enhance delivery of key infrastructure projects, better prioritize investments in bridges and interstate corridors and dedicate needed resources to freight projects that will enhance goods movement.” (Letter to Members of Congress, 7/27/15)

SEAN MCGARVEY, President of the North America's Building Trades Unions: “On behalf of the hard working, highly skilled craft professionals I am proud to represent, I urge the Senate to move forward and swiftly consider a long-term surface transportation authorization.” (North America's Building Trades Unions, Press Release, 7/21/15)

  • “The continual passage of short-term extensions has only exacerbated the problems our infrastructure faces. Without long-term investments, communities across the country are unable to move forward on construction projects that correct these structural deficiencies.” (North America's Building Trades Unions, Press Release, 7/21/15)

JAMES CALLAHAN, General President of the International Union of Operating Engineers: “The transportation advocacy community believes wholeheartedly that now is the time to build on the bipartisan momentum generated in the Environment and Public Works Committee to move a robust, long-term bill through the Senate before the summer break. We look forward to working with you to enact such a long-term highway and transit bill as soon as possible.” (Letters To Members of Congress, 7/21/15)

TERRY O’SULLIVAN, General President of the Laborers’ International Union of North America: “A long term highway bill will help provide necessary funds to improve America’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. Our economy requires a functioning transportation network and with bridges literally falling apart and highways unable to handle current traffic volumes, America’s transportation infrastructure is in dire need of a robust and sustainable investment.” (Letter to Members of Congress, 7/21/15)

JEFFREY SHOAF, Senior Executive Director of The Associated General Contractors of America: “This vote is a critical first step in the process of moving a long-term surface transportation reauthorization that will continue to make our surface transportation programs more efficient and cost effective, while addressing our nation’s transportation needs. Further, a long-term bill will provide state departments of transportation the certainty they need to plan needed projects, and give our contractor members the assurance of stable funding that will allow them to invest in new equipment and hire and train new employees.” (Letter to Member of Congress, 7/21/15)

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS: “The Senate is now proceeding in a bipartisan manner toward debate on a multi-year highway and transit bill that increases investment for surface transportation programs and ASCE supports this bipartisan effort.” (American Society Of Civil Engineers, Press Release, 7/20/15)

  • “The nation’s highway and transit network faces a growing number of challenges. ASCE’s 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure graded Roads and Transit at a ‘D’ and Bridges at a ‘C+.’ Inaction also has negative consequences for the pocket-books of millions of Americans with poor roads costing U.S. motorists an average of $516 per year in vehicle repairs and operating costs in 2014.” (American Society Of Civil Engineers, Press Release, 7/20/15)



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