Calling The Shots

Senate Democrats Take Marching Orders From Their Hard Left


YESTERDAY: “Progressive groups are urging Democratic senators to take a new tack in their push to stop Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Go around the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and make all Kavanaugh records public...” (“Progressive Groups To Dems: Go Around Chuck Grassley And Release Kavanaugh Records,” Huffington Post, 9/05/2018)

TODAY: ‘Booker To Release Committee Confidential Documents’ (The Hill, 9/06/2018)


‘73 Demonstrators Arrested During Second of Kavanaugh Hearing’

“Protesters stood in the hearing room and shouted at senators and the nominee during the nearly 12-hour hearing. Disruptions by the protesters were frequent …” (“73 Demonstrators Arrested During Second of Kavanaugh Hearing,” Roll Call, 9/06/2018)



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