Debunked Democrat Talking Points

Smear After Smear On Judge Kavanaugh Gets Beaten Back With The Facts

‘False’: Judge Kavanaugh Did Not Call Contraceptives ‘Abortion-Inducing Drugs’

“Did Brett Kavanaugh call birth control abortion-inducing drugs? No … We rate this statement False.” (Did Brett Kavanaugh Call Birth Control Abortion-Inducing Drugs? No,” Politifact, 9/10/2018)

WASHINGTON POST’S FACT CHECKER: “[Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)] earns Four Pinocchios -- and her fellow Democrats should drop this talking point.” (“Did Brett Kavanaugh Signal He Supports ‘Going After Birth Control’?,” The Washington Post’s Fact Checker Blog, 9/11/2018)


‘Without Merit’: ‘Perjury’ Claims Are ‘An Unfair And Unfounded Attack Against Judge Kavanaugh’

DAVID LAT, Above the Law: “The most recent attacks accuse Judge Kavanaugh of committing perjury. He has testified for dozens of hours at three separate confirmation hearings — in 2004 and 2006 for the D.C. Circuit, and last week for the Supreme Court — and his opponents have been scouring this voluminous testimony to try and find what they view as false and misleading statements…. After viewing the testimonial and documentary evidence, I concluded that the claims lack merit.” (David Lat, “In Defense Of Judge Brett Kavanaugh,” Above The Law Blog, 9/10/2018)


‘Exaggerated’: ‘Democrats Overstate Kavanaugh’s Writings on the Affordable Care Act’

“As they try to block his nomination to the Supreme Court, Senate Democrats have exaggerated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s hostility to the Affordable Care Act in his public statements and writings.” (“Democrats Overstate Kavanaugh’s Writings on the Affordable Care Act,” The New York Times, 7/12/2018)


‘Disingenuous’: ‘Democrats Aren’t Telling The Full Story About What Kavanaugh Said’ On Investigating A President

“Democrats pounced on a years-old statement by president Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh to drum up concern about how he might shield the president from Robert Mueller’s investigation…. But we found that Democrats aren’t telling the full story about what Kavanaugh said.” (“Trump's Supreme Court Pick Said Presidents Shouldn't Be Investigated, Schumer Said,” Politifact, 7/10/2018)

NOAH FELDMAN, Harvard Law Professor: “Properly understood, Kavanaugh’s expressed views actually support the opposite conclusion: that the president can be investigated and maybe even indicted unless Congress passes a law saying he can’t — which Congress has not done.” (Noah Feldman, “Kavanaugh’s Papers Don’t Help Trump Avoid Indictment,” Bloomberg Opinion, 7/10/2018)

Michigan State University law professor calls Democrats’ claims “disingenuous.” (“Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Said Presidents Shouldn’t Be Investigated, Schumer Said,” Politifact, 7/10/2018)



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