Dem Leaders Desperately Dodge Green New Deal Vote

SEN. McCONNELL: ‘If This Is Such A Popular Thing To Do And So Necessary Why Would One Want To Dodge The Vote?’


‘This Is An Opportunity To Go On Record’; Ocasio-Cortez Pressures Dems To Be ‘Courageous’

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “I’ve been reading with some amusement that our friends on the other side seem to be reluctant to vote on the ‘Green New Deal.’ … The only question I would ask is if this is such a popular thing to do and so necessary why would one want to dodge the vote? This is an opportunity to go on record …” (Sen. McConnell, Press Conference, 2/26/2019)

“Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), an avowed Green New Deal supporter, said that if the resolution does come up, Democrats should seize the opportunity to debate it…. ‘I’d encourage everyone to look at what’s actually in the resolution,’ Merkley said. ‘Absolutely, I’d vote for it.’” (“The Trailer: Tulsi Gabbard Finds Her People In Iowa,” The Washington Post, 2/12/2019)

“‘He’s trying to bully the party, and he’s banking on people not being courageous,’ [Rep. Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez [D-NY] said Tuesday of McConnell’s plans [to hold a vote on the Green New Deal]. ‘I think people should call his bluff.’” (“‘You Can Feel It Now’: New Democrats Push Party, And 2020 Candidates, To The Left On Divisive Issues,” The Washington Post, 2/12/2019)


Yet Senate Democrats Call Voting On The Green New Deal ‘Sabotage,’ ‘A Truly Preposterous Exercise,’ ‘A Sham,’ ‘A Ploy’

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): “This is not a debate. It’s a diversion. It’s a sham.” (“Schumer: McConnell Plan To Force ‘Green New Deal’ Vote A ‘Diversion,’” The Hill, 2/27/2019)

SEN. ED MARKEY (D-MA): “[T]his is nothing but an attempt to sabotage the movement we are building. He wants to silence your voice …” (Sen. Markey, @SenMarkey, Twitter, 2/12/2019)

SEN. SHELDON WHITEHOUSE (D-RI): “[W]e are going through, shortly, a truly preposterous exercise on the floor of the Senate … to bring its first measure related to climate for a floor vote …” (Sen. Whitehouse, Congressional Record, S. 1470, 2/26/2017)

SEN. TOM CARPER (D-DE): “In the days and weeks ahead, Senator McConnell intends to engage in a ploy to try and undermine the Green New Deal by calling a vote …” (Sen. Carper, Congressional Record, S. 1468, 2/26/2019)

SEN. MARTIN HEINRICH (D-NM): “In the coming weeks, Majority Leader McConnell says he plans to call a vote here on the Senate on the Green New Deal resolution…. It is a political stunt …” (Sen. Heinrich, Congressional Record, S. 1560, 2/28/2019)


Democrat Leaders Who Once Boasted ‘Bring It On’ Now Running For Cover

Sen. Schumer First Said ‘Go For It. Bring It On,’ But Now Wants ‘To Protect Democrats From Going On The Record In Support’ And Is Even Promoting A ‘Green New Deal Alternative’

SEN. SCHUMER: “So when the Republican leader says he wants to bring the Green New Deal resolution up for a vote, I say: Go for it. Bring it on.” (Sen. Schumer, Congressional Record, S. 1342, 2/14/2019)

“Mr. Schumer’s plan to protect Democrats from going on the record in support of the Green New Deal is to have all members of his caucus simply vote ‘present’ when Mr. McConnell brings the proposal to the Senate floor.” (“Pressed By Climate Activists, Senate Democrats Plan To ‘Go On Offense,’” The New York Times, 3/04/2019)

“Senate Democrats introduce ‘Green New Deal’ alternative … The resolution is meant as an alternative to the Green New Deal resolution introduced in early February by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.).” (“Senate Democrats Introduce ‘Green New Deal’ Alternative,” The Hill, 2/28/2019)

‘I Can’t Say We’re Going To Take That And Pass It’

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): “I can’t say we’re going to take that and pass it …” (“Pelosi On Green New Deal: ‘I Can’t Say We’re Going To Take That And Pass It,’” Roll Call, 2/27/2019)



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