Democrats Block Attempt To Swiftly Deliver More Relief To Small Businesses And Workers

 ‘The Country Cannot Afford Unnecessary Wrangling Or Political Maneuvering. Treating This As A Normal, Partisan Negotiation Could Literally Cost Americans Their Jobs’

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “Soon I will ask unanimous consent to increase the funding for the Paycheck Protection Program to a new total of $600 billion. I’m not talking about changing any policy language that both sides negotiated together. I am literally talking about deleting the number 350 and writing 600 in its place. A completely clean bill. I want to add more money to the only part of our bipartisan bill that is currently at risk of running out of money.” (Leader McConnell, Remarks, 4/09/2020)

  • LEADER McCONNELL: “So I was surprised to see this simple proposal met uneasily by the Democratic leadership. The distinguished Democratic Leader and the Speaker of the House sought to use this crucial program to open broader negotiations on other topics, including parts of the CARES Act where literally no money has gone out the door yet. The Democratic leadership has suggested they may hold Americans’ paychecks hostage unless we pass another sweeping bill that spends half a trillion dollars doubling down on a number of parts of the CARES Act, including parts that have not even started to work yet. The country cannot afford unnecessary wrangling or political maneuvering. Treating this as a normal, partisan negotiation could literally cost Americans their jobs. … To my Democratic colleagues — please, do not block emergency aid you do not even oppose just because you want something more.” (Leader McConnell, Remarks, 4/09/2020)


Headlines: ‘Democrats Block McConnell Push To Boost Small Business Aid’

BLOOMBERG NEWS: “Democrats Block McConnell Push to Boost Small Business Aid” (Bloomberg News, 4/09/2020)

FOX NEWS: “Dems block McConnell bid to swiftly approve $250B more for small business fund” (Fox News, 4/09/2020)

CNBC: “ … Democrats block McConnell’s bid to add $250 billion in small business aid” (CNBC, 4/09/2020)

AXIOS: “Senate Democrats block Republicans' $250 billion PPP injection” (Axios, 4/09/2020)

CNN: “Democrats block a GOP-led funding boost for small business aid program” (CNN Politics, @CNNPolitics, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

CBS: “Senate Democrats block $250 billion expansion of small business loan program” (CBS News, 4/09/2020)

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: “Senate Democrats block urgent small business package and demand bill with larger scope and cost” (Washington Examiner, 4/09/2020)

NBC: “Senate Democrats block GOP bid for $250 billion in small-business funds amid impasse over coronavirus aid” (NBC News, 4/09/2020)

AP: “Democrats stall Trump’s $250B business virus aid package” (The Associated Press, 4/09/2020)


Lenders Started Taking Applications Friday And The Demand Has Been So Overwhelming That The Administration Has Asked Congress’ For More Funding But ‘Democrats Blocked An Effort By Senate Republicans To Approve By Unanimous Consent An Increase In Funding’

“Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican push to unanimously pass a bill to put $250 billion more into a loan program for small businesses devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. With only a few senators in the Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to approve the measure by a unanimous vote. Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., objected to the request, stalling the legislation.” (“Senate Adjourns Until Monday After Democrats Block McConnell’s Bid To Add $250 Billion In Small Business Aid,” CNBC, 4/09/2020)

“The Paycheck Protection Program in the third economic rescue package gave the Small Business Administration $349 billion to distribute through private lenders to small businesses that keep paying their workers during the coronavirus shutdowns…. Lenders started taking applications Friday and the demand has been so overwhelming that the administration has asked Congress for another $251 billion.” (“Congress Works On SBA Aid Bill Amid Overwhelming Demand,” Roll Call, 4/09/2020)

Senate Republicans: ‘We Have Days, Not Weeks, Until PPP Runs Out Of Money’ ‘Allowing This Fund To Run Dry And Letting Countless Small Businesses Fail Would Be One Of The Most Unconscionable Things Senator Schumer And Democrats Could Do’

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL), Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee Chairman: “While funds for other programs in the CARES Act have not even been disbursed, the demand for the Paycheck Protection Program remains incredibly high…. We are seeing a rate of $3.5 billion an hour on a nearly $350 billion program. We have days, not weeks, until PPP runs out of money. Today’s unemployment numbers remind us that now is not the time for congressional horse trading or partisan politics. Small businesses are being forced to lay off employees and close their doors. I really hope my Democratic colleagues will reconsider their decision to block more money for PPP.” (Sen. Rubio, Press Release, 4/09/2020)

SEN. TIM SCOTT (R-SC), Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee Member: “Just so everyone knows, Senate Democrats just objected to extending funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. More games keeping more workers from getting paychecks.” (Sen. Scott, @SenatorTimScott, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

SEN. ROB PORTMAN (R-OH): “Small businesses are suffering and need our support. CARES Act helps but we must do more. This is no time for partisan wrangling. Let’s come together and get this done ASAP.” (Sen. Portman, @senrobportman, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

SEN. THOM TILLIS (R-NC): “Very disappointed to see a unanimous request to provide small businesses w/ an additional $250 billion was blocked. Small businesses in NC desperately need this help before existing funding in the PPP runs out. Both parties must work together and get it done.” (Sen. Tillis, @SenThomTillis, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

SEN. KELLY LOEFFLER (R-GA): “I’ve said this time and time again, now is not the time for politics. Democrats are continuing to play political games at the expense of American workers.” (Sen. Loeffler, @SenatorLoeffler, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

SEN. JOHN CORNYN (R-TX): “The Democrats’ insistence on holding this relief hostage for extraneous funding that isn’t needed is unfathomable. Coronavirus relief is no place for partisan politics, but Senator Schumer just can’t help himself. Very soon this fund, which has been a lifeline to Texas small businesses, will run out. Allowing this fund to run dry and letting countless small businesses fail would be one of the most unconscionable things Senator Schumer and Democrats could do.” (Sen. Cornyn, Press Release, 4/09/2020)

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): “Shameful that Senate Dems continue to play politics instead of helping the millions of small businesses hurting badly because of gov. policies to combat COVID19. This crisis *should not* be an excuse to advance your partisan wish list. It *should* be a reason to come together.” (Sen. Cruz, @SenTedCruz, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

SEN. RICK SCOTT (R-FL): “Today, [Senate Democrats] BLOCKED more $$ for small businesses. It’s pure partisan politics during a crisis. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy & many are suffering. I believe we need oversight of the PPP, but it’s working & money is getting to people who need it.” (Sen. Scott, @SenRickScott, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

SEN. JAMES LANKFORD (R-OK): “Small businesses & nonprofits are the backbone of this country. Since the Paycheck Protection Program is quickly running out of money for small biz & nonprofits, we should provide additional funding--all Republicans have agreed, but we are waiting on Senate Dems to sign off today” (Sen. Lankford, @SenatorLankford, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

SEN. JOHN BOOZMAN (R-AR): “I’m disappointed the Senate wasn’t able to provide additional Paycheck Protection Program funding. Small businesses in Arkansas and across the nation are clamoring for this lifeline. [The Small Business Administration] needs this increase to help improve and expand the program to save jobs and livelihoods.” (Sen. Boozman, @JohnBoozman, Twitter, 4/09/2020)

SEN. KEVIN CRAMER (R-ND): “Here we go again. Lest they let the country forget about their disgraceful acts just weeks ago, Minority Leader Schumer & [Senate Democrats] are once again holding help hostage and exploiting COVID19 to advance Speaker Pelosi’s extreme, left-wing ‘vision.’” (Sen. Cramer, @SenKevinCramer, Twitter, 4/09/2020)


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