Democrats Pushing Partisan Amnesty As Border Surge Breaks Records

In Spite Of The Ongoing Crisis At The Southern U.S. Border, Democrats Want To Include An Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants In Their Reckless Taxing And Spending Spree That Would Only Incentivize More Illegal Immigration

SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “As I’ve said before, Democrats’ spree is reckless on multiple levels. We’re all familiar with the staggering $3.5 trillion bottom line. We all know it would only amp up the painful inflation that’s already hammering middle-class families, in large part because of the last partisan deluge of spending Democrats rammed through a few months back. But just as alarming is the parade of left-wing ideas that comprise this mess…. there’s an effort to further inflame the Biden Administration’s border crisis with a far-left amnesty.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 7/29/2021)

  • “We’ve now seen the highest unaccompanied child arrivals on record. The biggest month for migrant encounters in 21 years. And this month, total CBP apprehensions for the calendar year are expected to top a million for the first time in 15 years… with five months still to go. So one might think my friends across the aisle would try to avoid repeating the missteps that created this crisis. That they would be careful to avoid doubling down on the perverse incentives generating so much suffering at our southern border. But apparently, Washington Democrats intend to do the opposite. Their reckless taxing-and-spending spree would include an even bigger green light for this crisis. At the worst possible time. Under the Biden Administration’s unenforceable catch-and-release policy, just 13% of the 50,000 individuals who’ve been released into the United States since March have actually reported to assigned ICE check-ins. So in a sense, either intentionally or through incompetence, the Administration is already practicing a policy that amounts to functional amnesty in many cases. What Democrats want now is to make that explicit and permanent. They’d effectively like our southern border to be even more open — even during an ongoing public health emergency that has federal, state, and local officials contemplating new batches of rules for American citizens…. The situation at our southern border is a crisis. It deserves real attention and real solutions. Not a reckless taxing and spending spree with amnesty policies that would make things worse.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 7/29/2021)


Illegal Immigrants Keep Streaming To The Southern Border In Record-Breaking Numbers

In June, Border Agents Encountered The Highest Number Of Illegal Immigrants In 21 Years

 June 2021 CBP Encounters Chart

(Southwest Land Border Encounters, U.S. Customs And Border Protection, Accessed 7/29/2021)

 “U.S. border agents stopped more than 188,000 immigrants trying to cross the southern U.S. border in June, marking a 21-year high in monthly border crossings, as the Biden administration considers lifting Covid-19 restrictions and allowing more immigrants to claim asylum in the U.S. The numbers were the highest since March 2000, when more than 223,000 immigrants were stopped by the Border Patrol at the southern border.” (“Number Of Attempted Crossings At Southern U.S. Border Hits 21-Year High,” NBC News, 7/16/2021)

 The U.S. Recorded More Than 1 Million Border Apprehensions For The First Time In 15 Years

 “Federal officials have logged more than 1.1 million apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border this fiscal year, after another busy month in June, Customs and Border Protection said in a news release Friday. Many who were taken into custody have attempted to cross the border more than once, officials said. Apprehensions last reached the 1 million milestone in 2006. But far fewer attempted to cross that year during the searing-hot summer months, when the journey across the Rio Grande or vast ranches is especially dangerous. Approximately 68,000 migrants were taken into custody in June 2006 — compared with 188,829 apprehensions last month, which was a 5 percent increase from May.” (“U.S.-Mexico Border Apprehensions For The Fiscal Year Surpassed 1 Million In June,” The Washington Post, 7/16/2021)

 In March, The Number Of Unaccompanied Minors Crossing The Border Reached The Highest Level On Record

 “The number of unaccompanied children crossing the border in March reached more than 18,500, according to preliminary Customs and Border Protection data obtained by NBC News, smashing the previous record as the Biden administration scrambles to set up new shelters to accommodate them. The March total is at least 60 percent higher than the previous record of 11,494 in May 2019. The data is still preliminary and may change slightly before its official release. The figures go back to 2010 when the border patrol began keeping track of how many migrants arrived as unaccompanied minors.” (“Record Number Of Unaccompanied Children Crossed The Border In March,” NBC News, 4/02/2021)


Meanwhile, The Biden Administration Continues Its Catch-And-Release Policies, As Just 13% Of The 50,000 Illegal Immigrants Released Into The United States Without A Court Date Have Actually Reported To ICE Check-Ins

“About 50,000 migrants who crossed the southern border illegally have now been released in the United States without a court date. Although they are told to report to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office instead, just 13% have shown up so far, Axios has learned. … It’s unprecedented for agents to release migrants without an official notice to appear in court. Where it has occurred recently, migrants have instead been given a list of addresses and contacts for ICE offices across the country and told to report to one of them.” (“Scoop: 50,000 Migrants Released; Few Report To ICE,” Axios, 7/27/2021)


Nevertheless, Democrats Are Determined To Include A Major Amnesty In Their Partisan Multitrillion Dollar Reckless Tax And Spending Spree

“After years of failed bipartisan talks on immigration reform, Democrats in Congress are pushing to go it alone and legalize millions of undocumented immigrants. They’re hoping to provide a path to citizenship to several key groups: undocumented ‘DREAMers’ who came to the US as children; people with Temporary Protected Status… and other essential workers. Though the specific legislative language has yet to be announced, Democrats are planning to include the proposal in their 2022 budget reconciliation package, which they could pass with a simple majority in Congress and without a single Republican vote.” (“Democrats Are Going It Alone On Immigration Reform,” Vox, 7/23/2021)



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