‘How In The World They Could Possibly Object’

Trafficking Bill Now Includes The Same Hyde Amendment Dems Voted For Unanimously

“On Tuesday, Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, proposed to remove the abortion language and replace it with the abortion restrictions in the House Medicare bill that Pelosi helped broker, the longstanding Hyde Amendment that restricts taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortions.” (“A Busy and Bipartisan Tuesday,” Roll Call, 4/14/15)

  • “‘We will use the same Hyde Amendment language that was negotiated between Nancy Pelosi and Speaker Boehner in the doc-fix bill that we'll be voting on this afternoon,’ Cornyn said. ‘I don't know how in the world they could possibly object when we're answering, responding to their concerns and saying we're willing to work with you to address those, in the interest of all of these victims of human trafficking. We'll find out.’” (“New GOP Trafficking Bill Proposal Meets Resistance,” National Journal, 4/14/15)


Every Senate Democrat Supported ‘Hyde Language’ In The Doc Fix Bill

“The bill’s funding for community health centers restricts those facilities from conducting abortions.” (“Bipartisan Senate Ends Flawed Medicare Payment Formula,” Politico, 4/14/15)

180 House Democrats voted for the doc fix bill which included the Hyde Amendment.  (H.R.2, Roll Call Vote 144, Bill Passed 392-37: R 212-33; D 180-4, 3/26/15)

  • REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): “…the Hyde Amendment is -- has been part of community health centers legislation since 1979 -- since it existed -- since the Hyde Amendment existed. … I also know that it has been voted on every year, just about every year since 1979. There's nothing new in this legislation about it.” (Rep. Pelosi, Press Conference, 3/26/15)
  • REPS. LOUISE SLAUGHTER (D-NY) & DIANA DEGETTE (D-CO): “The language included in the bipartisan compromise does not further restrict women’s access to abortion, and the provisions expire along with funding—just as the current Hyde Amendment does. We will be supporting this bipartisan compromise, and we encourage other members of the Pro-Choice Caucus to do the same.” (“Rep. Louise Slaughter, Press Release, 3/24/15)

All 46 Senate Democrats unanimously voted for Hyde language in the doc fix bill. (H.R.2, Roll Call Vote #144: Bill Passed 92-8: R 46-8; D 44-0; I 2-0, 4/14/15)

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “I have my pen ready to sign a good bipartisan bill.” (“Bipartisan Medicare Funding Fix Passes House,” U.S. News, 3/25/15)


‘The Bill Should Not Be Derailed’

LOS ANGELES TIMES: “The Hyde Amendment has been the law for many years. A fight over whether a fraction of the projected millions of dollars in aid to victims of trafficking and hunters of traffickers can be used on abortion services seems fruitless, and the bill should not be derailed by such a fight.” (“Editorial Time for the Senate to break the impasse over human trafficking bill,” Los Angeles Times, 4/6/15)

  • HOLLY AUSTIN SMITH, Victim & Advocate: “When I was fourteen years old, I was coerced into prostitution by a man I had met at a local shopping mall in New Jersey… Had there been a Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act... perhaps law enforcement would have immediately recognized that I was a victim, not a criminal… Perhaps my healing process could have been easier, faster.” (Holly Austin Smith, Committee On The Judiciary, U.S. Senate, Testimony, 2/24/15)
  • MILIKA SAAR, Executive Director of Human Rights Project for Girls: “Aviva was in the foster care system.  At the age of 14, a trafficker kidnapped Aviva. He held her hostage for almost a year. During that time, Aviva was sold to at least 10 different men a night. … She forgot what it felt like to be human. … We owe it to Aviva and other trafficked children to make clear to them that the victimization and abuse they have suffered is no different or more tolerable than other forms of rape or sexual abuse of minors. We owe it to Aviva and the girls still left behind to hold accountable those who have purchased and raped them—and to create for these girls, who are mighty and strong and so hurt, opportunities to heal and to live out their potential.” (Malika Saada Saar, Committee On The Judiciary, U.S. Senate, Testimony, 2/24/15)



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