Joe Manchin’s Back To Bear-Hugging His Disastrous Law

After Trying To Distance Himself From The Calamitous Law He Wrote, Manchin Is Re-embracing The Law That West Virginians Overwhelmingly Detest

After Threatening To Repeal The Disastrous Law He Wrote, Joe Manchin Is Back To Embracing Democrats’ Reckless Spending Spree

POLITICO: ‘Manchin Celebrates Inflation Reduction Act’ (“House Dems wrangle with ‘Bidenomics,’” Politico’s Huddle, 8/8/2023)

“Manchin talked up ‘one of the most historic pieces of legislation passed in decades…’” (“House Dems wrangle with ‘Bidenomics,’” Politico’s Huddle, 8/8/2023)

“‘These types of investments are exactly what I had in mind when I wrote’ the Inflation Reduction Act, Manchin said.(“House Dems wrangle with ‘Bidenomics,’” Politico’s Huddle, 8/8/2023)

SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D-WV): “…I think it’s good for West Virginia because of all the things it did.” (MetroNews’ “Talkline,” 8/10/2023)

Last Month And Earlier This Year, Manchin Tried To Downplay How Central He Was To The Passage Of Democrats’ Spending Spree

“When Democrats’ big swing on climate appeared all but dead last summer, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) resurrected talks in secret…. Manchin played down his involvement in the IRA, [saying] there was no ‘deal’ with Schumer. Instead, Manchin said he provided ‘input’ that emphasized energy security amid the war in Ukraine — a goal he judged as a success a year later.” (“IRA Turns One,” Politico Pro’s Morning Energy, 7/27/2023)

“[Manchin] has grown disillusioned with the Biden administration’s implementation of its electric vehicle provisions, which he threatened to sue the administration over and join a Republican effort to repeal the law.” (“IRA Turns One,” Politico Pro’s Morning Energy, 7/27/2023)

MANCHIN: “I think they’re going to try to screw me on this… And I’m willing to go to court.” (Politico, 3/30/2023)

MANCHIN OP-ED: “Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act Betrayal” (Sen. Manchin, Op-Ed, “Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act Betrayal,” The Wall Street Journal, 3/29/2023)

Manchin Even Threatened To Repeal His Own Law

MANCHIN: “If they don’t change, I would vote to repeal my own bill…” (Fox News’ “Hannity,” 4/24/2023)

MANCHIN: “Well, let me just say this, that, first of all, the Inflation Reduction Act is truly -- was done truly with me and my committee. We wrote...”
MANCHIN: “We wrote the bill. And we did that because we had the expertise and the ability to do it. And I’m the chairman of the Energy Committee.” 
(Fox Business’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” 1/22/2023)

Either Way, West Virginians Have Clearly Soured On Manchin And The Law He Wrote

But Manchin’s favorability rating took a nosedive last year after he voted for — and helped write — President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. That’s left many of the few remaining Democrats in West Virginia feeling pessimistic about Manchin’s chances for holding on, regardless of his history.” (“Republicans Want Manchin To Bow Out, Fearful That He May Have One More Trick Up His Sleeve,” Politico, 5/08/2023)

“The dispute is coloring the administration’s relationship with a pivotal lawmaker who has torpedoed some of Biden’s nominees because of his disagreements with the president’s climate and energy policies. Manchin is also in the midst of deciding his own political future, which could include a run for reelection in a red state where the climate law is deeply unpopular, or a third-party bid for president.” (“Inside Manchin’s War With Biden On Electric Vehicles,” E&E News, 6/23/2023)

MORNING CONSULT: ‘West Virginians Sour on Joe Manchin After He Delivers a Big Win for Democrats,’ (“West Virginians Sour On Joe Manchin After He Delivers A Big Win For Democrats,” Morning Consult, 10/10/2022)


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