Judge Neil Gorsuch ‘An Excellent Judicial Craftsman’

‘A Brilliant Legal Mind And Talented Writer,’ ‘One Of The Brightest Stars In The Federal Judicial Firmament’

THE DENVER POST: “…we are encouraged by one of the names on his list to replace former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Neil Gorsuch is a federal judge in Denver with Western roots and a reputation for being a brilliant legal mind and talented writer. Those who have followed Gorsuch’s career say that from his bench in the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals he has applied the law fairly and consistently, even issuing provocative challenges to the Supreme Court to consider his rulings.” (Editorial, “Trump Would Do Well To Consider Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court,” The Denver Post, 1/26/2017)

Judge Neil Gorsuch Was Confirmed To The 10th Circuit On A Bipartisan Vote

JUDGE NEIL M. GORSUCH: “As a judge, I hope to emulate the respect for the rule of law, for the decisions and judgments of the elected branches of government, and for the equality and dignity of all persons that shines through in the work of two of my former bosses, Byron White and Justice Kennedy.” (“10th Circuit Judge’s Oath A Family Affair,” The Denver Post, 11/21/06)

Judge Neil M. Gorsuch was confirmed by voice vote on July 20, 2006. (PN1565, 109th Congress)

The Senate Judiciary Committee “approved … by voice vote the nominations of: Neil M. Gorsuch to be U.S. Circuit judge for the 10th Circuit” on July 13, 2006. (“Specter Announces NSA Deal, Panel OKs Judicial Nominees,” CQ, 7/13/2006)

FORMER-SEN. KEN SALAZAR (D-CO): Gorsuch praised for his sense of ‘fairness and impartiality,’ the ‘keystone of being a judge.’ “The 10th Circuit covers 560,625 square miles, nearly 20 percent of the U.S. land mass, and raises some of the most important legal issues of the time, said U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar. ‘Deciding cases involving life and death, the reach of government power, the scope of our freedoms and liberties is the daily task of a federal judge. It is a task that requires intellect, compassion, and a dedication to fairness and impartiality,’ he said. ‘He has a sense of fairness and impartiality that is a keystone of being a judge.’” (“10th Circuit Judge’s Oath A Family Affair,” The Denver Post, 11/21/06)

FORMER-SEN. WAYNE ALLARD (R-CO): Praised Gorsuch’s ‘impeccable credentials,’ and called him ‘Extremely Qualified.’ “Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colorado) said President Bush informed him Tuesday that he intends to nominate Colorado native Neil Gorsuch to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. ‘I am pleased the White House has nominated someone with strong Colorado roots and impeccable credentials,’ Senator Allard said. ‘He is extremely qualified for this position.’” (Sen. Allard, “Sen. Allard Lauds Nomination Of Neil Gorsuch To 10th Circuit Court Of Appeals,” Press Release, 5/9/06)

JUDGE KANE: ‘He Writes Opinions In A Unique Style That Has More Verve And Vitality Than Any Other Judges I Study On A Regular Basis’

 “Judge John L. Kane, who was appointed to the Federal District Court in Denver by President Jimmy Carter, said Judge Gorsuch was admired by his fellow judges. ‘He writes opinions in a unique style that has more verve and vitality than any other judges I study on a regular basis,’ Judge Kane said.” (“Trump’s Supreme Court Choices Come Into Focus,” The New York Times, 1/24/17)

  • JUDGE KANE: Gorsuch is ‘an excellent judicial craftsman’ who, even in his dissents, is ‘instructive rather than vitriolic.’ “Judge Kane said Judge Gorsuch had voted both to affirm and to reverse his decisions. ‘In each instance, I have felt I was clearly understood and properly informed,’ Judge Kane said. ‘I think Judge Gorsuch listens well and decides justly. His dissents are instructive rather than vitriolic. In sum, I think he is an excellent judicial craftsman.’” (“Trump’s Supreme Court Choices Come Into Focus,” The New York Times, 1/24/17)

ABC News: Gorsuch is considered a ‘gifted writer’ in legal circles. “Gorsuch clerked for Judge David B. Sentelle on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and then for Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy. He attended Harvard Law, and has a Ph.D. from Oxford, where he was a Marshall Scholar. In legal circles, he’s considered a gifted writer. Like Scalia, he's also both a textualist and an originalist.” (“Judge Neil Gorsuch Emerges As Leading Contender For Supreme Court,” ABC News, 1/24/17)

DAVID LAT, ‘Above The Law’ Legal Website: Gorsuch ‘one of the brightest stars in the federal judicial firmament’ “The opinion was penned by Judge Neil M. Gorsuch — one of the brightest stars in the federal judicial firmament.” (David Lat, “Biglaw Litigators, Rejoice! A Circuit Court Opinion On A Discovery Dispute,” Above The Law, 3/3/11)


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