Obamacare’s Record: More Massive Rate Hikes Coming

From New Mexico To Vermont, Insurers Are Seeking Huge Double-Digit Premium Increases For Obamacare Customers In 2018

‘Big Insurance Rate Hikes Coming’ In 2018-- ‘Many ACA Customers Will Pay More For Coverage’

“[H]ealth policy experts agree the coming year could be rough for remaining insurers and even rougher on consumers. Already Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City has announced it will not offer plans on the exchange, leaving more than two dozen counties in the region without an insurer.” (“Big Insurance Rate Hikes Coming - And They May Get Bigger,” Houston Chronicle, 6/01/2017)

Because Of Obamacare, in 2018, Insurers Are Seeking Rate Hikes As High As 80%

NEW MEXICO: “All four health insurance providers on New Mexico’s state-run exchange have submitted rate proposals for the coming year … New Mexico Health Connections CEO Martin Hickey said Thursday his cooperative is proposing a nearly 80 percent premium increase for individuals.” (“New Mexico Health Insurer Proposes 80 Percent Premium Hike,” The Associated Press, 6/16/2017)

MARYLAND: “In Maryland, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is proposing a 52% average increase … The insurer, which has been losing money on the exchanges, said its rates have been falling short of the costs of the relatively unhealthy group of people it enrolled.” (“Insurers Look To Ramp Up Premiums In Health Law Exchanges,” The Wall Street Journal, 6/16/2017)

IOWA: “The last carrier standing in Iowa’s individual health-insurance market said Monday that it intends to keep selling such policies here next year, but it would need to charge much higher premiums than it's collecting now. Even after Monday's announcement, Medica still could pull out of the Iowa market, as many experts feared. That could leave no options for up to 72,000 Iowans who now buy their own insurance … The relatively small, Minnesota-based carrier told Iowa regulators Monday that in order to stay in the market, they would need to increase premiums by an average of 43.5 percent.” (“Medica Intends To Stay In Iowa's Health-Insurance Market, At 43% Higher Price,” The Des Moines Register, 6/19/2017)

MAINE: “Health insurers in Maine are again aiming to increase rates for Obamacare plans, with one company seeking an unprecedented 40 percent hike on average in 2018. Insurers had until Friday to file their proposed rates for next year. The higher monthly premiums, if approved by insurance regulators, would affect about 80,000 Maine residents who buy coverage under Obamacare.” (“Obamacare Premiums Are About To Get More Expensive In Maine,” Bangor Daily News, 6/06/2017)

VIRGINIA: “In Virginia, the seven insurers proposing prices for 2018 compares with 11 now selling ACA health plans there. The largest, Anthem, wants an average rate hike of 38 percent, more than double its increase from 2016 to 2017.” (“Early Proposed Rates For ACA Health Plans Hint At A Jump In Premiums For 2018,” The Washington Post, 5/09/2017)

CONNECTICUT: “Health insurers in Connecticut have asked permission to raise individual market premiums between 15.2 percent and 33.8 percent on average for 2018, state officials announced today. Only two companies — Anthem and ConnectiCare Benefits — intend to sell plans on the state's Obamacare exchange next year. Anthem, which covers 35,000 people through the Obamacare marketplace, is seeking an average 33.8 percent rate increase. CTCare, which has nearly 51,000 people covered through the exchange, wants an average 15.2 percent boost.” (“Connecticut Insurers Seek Double Digit Rate Hikes,” Politico Pro, 5/8/2017)

DELAWARE: “Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, soon to be Delaware's lone health insurer under the Affordable Care Act, is seeking a 33.6 percent insurance rate increase through the state's marketplace.” (“Highmark In Delaware ACA Marketplace Seeks 33.6% Insurance Rate Increase,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 6/14/2017)

MICHIGAN: “Some health insurers in Michigan will be seeking record-level rate hikes next year for plans they sell to individuals — potentially as much as 31% — as debate continues to swirl in Washington over overhauling the Obama-era Affordable Care Act.” (“Obamacare Rates In Michigan Could Skyrocket As Much As 31% In 2018,” Detroit Free Press, 6/14/2017)

NEW HAMPSHIRE: “The second-largest insurer in the New Hampshire Obamacare market said his company has requested average rate hikes of 30 percent next year, blaming the increase on two provisions of the health care law — Medicaid expansion and federally imposed risk adjustments. Minuteman Health Chief Executive Officer Tom Policelli disclosed the preliminary proposal in a newspaper interview on Monday.” (“NH Insurer Seeks 30% Rate Hike,” New Hampshire Union Leader, 6/05/2017)

NORTH CAROLINA: “Blue Cross and Blue Shield, [North Carolina’s] largest health insurer, is proposing a 22.9 percent rate increase on Affordable Care Act plans in 2018, in what will be the fifth year of the federal health insurance mandate. Steep rate increases have been a consistent feature of Blue Cross’s ACA coverage in North Carolina, and Thursday’s announcement follows a 24.3 percent rate increase this year and a 32.5 percent increase in 2016.” (“BCBS Wants 22.9% Rate Hike On ACA Plans In 2018,” The [Charlotte] News & Observer, 5/25/2017)

WASHINGTON: “Health-insurance rates in Washington’s individual market would increase an average of 22 percent next year based on filings under review by state officials … The increases are almost twice the 13.5 percent increase insurers proposed this past year for 2017. Consumer options also would decrease next year for the 300,000 Washingtonians who buy their health coverage in the marketplace for individuals.” (“Health-Plan Rates In Washington State’s Individual Market Could Go Up An Average Of 22%,” The Seattle Times, 6/19/2017)

OREGON: “Oregon health insurers are asking to raise rates by double digits in the individual market next year…. Providence Health Plan, which has by far the most members in the individual market at 103,000, is requesting a 20.7 percent rate hike, according to Department of Consumer and Business Services’ Division of Financial Regulation. Moda Health Plan, the former market leader which now has 50,000 members, is asking for a 13 percent hike. Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon is asking for a 18.7 percent hike in the individual market.” (“Oregon Health Insurers Seek Significant Rate Hikes,” KGW, 5/16/2017)

TEXAS: “Community Health Choice, a Houston-area insurer, has asked for a 16 percent average rate hike for its 2018 Affordable Care Act exchange plans and warned it might need much more.” (“Big Insurance Rate Hikes Coming - And They May Get Bigger,” Houston Chronicle, 6/01/2017)

VERMONT: “Vermont’s largest health insurer has asked state regulators to allow it to increase premiums for people using plans on Vermont Health Connect by an average of 12.7 percent starting Jan. 1. That’s the most that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont has requested to increase premiums since the insurer began offering exchange plans in 2014. The plans cover about 70,000 people using Vermont Health Connect, whether they buy the insurance as an individual or through a small business. Depending on each person’s plan choice, the premium increases would range from 11.1 percent to 14.6 percent.” (“Blue Cross Requests 12.7 Percent Premium Increase,” VTDigger.org, 5/15/2017)

PENNSYLVANIA: “Government marketplace health insurance premiums in Pennsylvania will rise an average 8.8 percent for individuals and 6.6 percent for small group plans in 2018 under rate proposals filed with the state Insurance Department.” (“Health Insurance Rates For ACA Plans To Rise Almost 9 Percent In Pennsylvania,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/01/2017)

NEW YORK: “In New York, nonprofit Fidelis Care seeks an increase of 8.48%.” (“Insurers Look To Ramp Up Premiums In Health Law Exchanges,” The Wall Street Journal, 6/16/2017)


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