‘Paper And Delay And Obstruction’

Democrats’ ‘Great Paper Chase’ Is Only ‘To Stall For Time’ And ‘Postpone’ Judge Kavanaugh’s Confirmation


SEN. JOHN CORNYN (R-TX): “Now we are engaged in what I would call The Great Paper Chase…. It’s unclear to me why this incessant demand for additional paper is being made because, clearly, they’ve already made up their mind to oppose the nomination. So it leaves me with, I think, the inescapable conclusion that this is really all about foot-dragging and delay. They know they can’t attack [Judge Kavanaugh] based on qualifications, based on his character, and now it’s all about paper and delay and obstruction.” (Sen. Cornyn, Press Conference, 7/31/2018)


‘More Documents Will Be Produced About Kavanaugh Than Any High Court Nominee In History,’ ‘A Record 1 Million-Plus Pages’

“Senators have begun the deepest dive ever into the writings of a Supreme Court nominee, digging into a record 1 million-plus pages of legal opinions and emails from Brett Kavanaugh's career as a federal judge, White House attorney, and assistant to the prosecutor who investigated former President Bill Clinton.” (“Senate Digs Through Record 1 Million Pages Of Documents On Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” USA Today, 7/31/2018)


‘Democrats Are Trying To Delay The Proceedings’ By ‘Demand[ing] To See Every Document’

“Feinstein, other Senate Dems have plan on Brett Kavanaugh nomination: Stall” (“Feinstein, Other Senate Dems Have Plan On Brett Kavanaugh Nomination: Stall,” San Francisco Chronicle, 7/30/2018)

“[Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY)] strategy so far is to stall for time … As expected, Mr. Schumer has demanded millions of documents from Mr. Kavanaugh’s years in government to push a confirmation vote past the November election.” (Editorial, “Tricky Dick Schumer,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/24/2018)

“The Democrats’ strategy, led by California’s Sen. Dianne Feinstein, is to demand to see every document that crossed Kavanaugh’s desk while he served as President George W. Bush’s staff secretary from 2003 to 2006.” (“Feinstein, Other Senate Dems Have Plan On Brett Kavanaugh Nomination: Stall,” San Francisco Chronicle, 7/30/2018)

“Democrats are trying to delay the proceedings in hopes that time spent reviewing the judge’s record could unearth fresh concerns to sway senators’ opinions and upend voting.” (“Senators Spar On Access To Kavanaugh’s Staff Secretary Work,” The Associated Press, 7/27/2018)


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