‘Payrolls Weaken Dramatically’

‘Jaw-Dropping,’ ‘Boy, This Is Ugly,’ ‘Huge Disappointment’

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “Now, look, I’m the first to admit my presidency hasn’t fixed everything. … if what you’re concerned about is who will look out for the interests of working people and grow the middle class, if that’s what you’re concerned about, then the debate -- then if that’s that you’re concerned about -- the economy -- the debate is not even close.” (President Obama, Remarks, 6/1/16)

‘Near-Paralysis In Hiring Was Widespread’

WALL STREET JOURNAL: “The number is out and it doesn’t look good. … Global stocks fall after headline figures on the U.S. jobs report…” (“May Jobs Report: Everything You Need to Know,” The Wall Street Journal, 6/3/16)

‘Labor Market Slowed Dramatically In May’

“The labor market slowed dramatically in May as employers added 38,000 jobs, raising concerns that a sluggish economy is taking a bigger toll on employment…” (“Payrolls Weaken Dramatically: 38,000 New Jobs In May,” USA Today, 6/3/16)

‘Unemployment Rate … Decline Owed Almost Entirely To 458,000 People Leaving The Labor Force’

“The unemployment rate, in a surprising twist, fell to 4.7% from 5% to mark the lowest level since the month before the Great Recession began in December 2007. Yet the decline owed almost entirely to 458,000 people leaving the labor force.” (“U.S. Jobs Growth In May Slowest Since 2010,” Marketwatch, 6/3/16)


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