‘Pro-Growth, Pro-Jobs, Pro-Worker’ Tax Reform

Sen. McConnell: ‘We Are In Agreement That Any Reform Needs To Keep American Families At The Heart Of Our Plan’


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “… the foundation of our job creation agenda is to fundamentally reform our tax code for the first time in more than 30 years. I want to work with Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, on a plan that is pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-worker -- and pro-American…. If we want to renew our prosperity, and to restore opportunity, then we must reduce the tax burden on our companies and on our workers.” (Remarks by President Trump on Tax Reform, 8/30/2017)


Congressional Leaders: ‘Our Top Priority This Fall Is Reforming The Tax Code And Cutting People’s Taxes’

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “The time has come to fix the federal tax code so our economy can grow and help Kentuckians achieve their goals…. In the months ahead, I will continue working with the President, his team, and my colleagues in Congress to put our tax reform principles into practice. In July, we outlined our shared principles for unleashing the American economy through comprehensive tax reform. Together, we are in agreement that any reform needs to keep American families at the heart of our plan.” (Sen. McConnell, Op-Ed, “Tax Reform to Move Kentucky Forward,” 8/28/2017)

HOUSE SPEAKER PAUL RYAN (R-WI): “Here in the House, we’ve made it clear that our top priority this fall is reforming the tax code and cutting people’s taxes. Right now, our tax code is burdensome, incomprehensible, and puts American businesses at a severe disadvantage on the world stage. We want American companies to hire here and make things here. We want Americans to be able to keep more of their hard-earned money. That’s why we are committed to reforming the tax code and why President Trump reiterated his commitment today in Missouri. We are united in our determination to get this done.” (Speaker Ryan, Press Release, 8/30/2017)

SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN ORRIN HATCH (R-UT): “[T]he president made clear he is committed to remaking the tax code in a way that will help propel our economy forward and produce bigger paychecks, better jobs, and more opportunity for all Americans…. As the Senate Finance Committee moves forward with additional hearings and a markup this fall, I hope we will be able to find consensus and unite behind pro-growth policies to help lift our nation and increase the standard of living for Americans across the country.” (U.S. Senate Finance Committee, Press Release, 8/30/2017)

HOUSE WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN KEVIN BRADY (R-TX): “I am also encouraged by the President’s excellent remarks on tax reform. He explained clearly today why Washington must act now on pro-growth tax reform that will create jobs, grow paychecks, and improve the lives of all Americans. As the President mentioned, our tax reform plan will make the American Dream more accessible than ever before. The Ways and Means Committee is ready to work with the President and deliver on this important priority this year.” (U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, Press Release, 8/30/2017)


Senate Republicans: ‘We Now Have The Opportunity To Create A New Tax System That Is Fairer For Everyone And Makes Our Country Competitive Again’

SEN. ROB PORTMAN (R-OH): “Tax reform is about more jobs and better wages for American families, and I commend the president for making the case about how simplifying our complicated, burdensome, and outdated tax code would benefit our country….  I’m focused on ensuring that this reform effort encourages more investment in America, brings jobs home, and gives American workers a competitive advantage.  I have been working closely with my colleagues in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the administration on this effort, and I’m committed to getting this done for Ohio and the American people in order to help grow our economy, create more jobs, and increase wages.” (Sen. Portman, Press Release, 8/30/2017)

SEN. DEAN HELLER (R-NV): “Congress is ready to address tax reform, and that’s why I’m encouraged by the President’s comments today about bringing tax relief to all Americans. Nevada’s hardworking families and small business owners have been waiting for a simpler, fairer tax code for years now, and Congress and the White House are poised to make that happen. I was honored to host Secretary Mnuchin earlier this week in Las Vegas for a meeting with Nevada employers and the message we received from these business leaders was clear – lowering rates will help boost the economy, create jobs and increase wages.” (Sen. Heller, 8/30/2017)

SEN. RICHARD BURR (R-NC): “I’m pleased by the President’s first steps forward in reforming our broken tax code…. I have advocated for years in Congress for simplifying our tax code, lowering rates for everyone, and allowing individuals to save money and time filing their taxes. These commonsense solutions will allow our nation to again be the envy of the world when it comes to opportunity. I look forward to getting to work in the Finance Committee on the President’s proposals and finally bringing relief to the millions of Americans who desperately need it.” (Sen. Burr, Press Release, 8/30/2017)

SEN. JOHNNY ISAKSON (R-GA): “Tax reform is essential to economic growth. Our competitiveness as a nation is at stake, and I agree that it’s past time to simplify our broken tax code so that we can grow our economy, create more jobs and provide tax relief for hardworking Georgians. I look forward to addressing this priority, and I hope that we can deliver for Americans to make sure our nation is on the right path to the future.” (Sen. Isakson, Press Release, 8/30/2017)

SEN. THOM TILLIS (R-NC): “I applaud President Trump for laying out principles for tax reform that include simplifying the tax code, cutting rates, and producing economic growth…. I look forward to working closely with the President and Congressional leaders to fulfill our promises to deliver tax relief to hardworking families and business owners that will provide them with an even better chance to achieve the American Dream.” (Sen. Tillis, Press Release, 8/30/2017)

SEN. DAVID PERDUE (R-GA): “President Trump's comments today are spot on. Thanks to American voters, we now have the opportunity to create a new tax system that is fairer for everyone and makes our country competitive again…. We are on the cusp of an economic turnaround, and these tax changes must happen this year in order to have any real impact on business decisions that can produce significant economic growth. Americans are watching the tax debate closely and counting on Congress to deliver real results.” (Sen. Perdue, Press Release, 8/30/2017)

SEN. SHELLEY MOORE CAPITO (R-WV): “This fall, Senate Republicans will work to pass comprehensive tax reform that spurs economic growth and benefits American families and business. Today’s roundtable demonstrated that tax reform is a necessary step to growth and expansion for West Virginia businesses.” (Sen. Capito, Press Release, 8/28/2017)

SEN. MIKE ROUNDS (R-SD): “I support the ongoing efforts by the tax-writing committees in Congress to take on comprehensive tax reform. When we return to Washington in September, we expect to ramp up these efforts. I look forward to working with my colleagues to lower the rates for South Dakota families, rein in the IRS and provide long-term certainty in our tax code. It has been more than 30 years since our tax code was reformed. Since then, other countries have lowered their rates and become more competitive, while our tax code has barely changed…. It is time to reform the tax code and lower the rates – a plan that we know will help our economy because we’ve seen it work in the past.” (Sen. Rounds, Press Release, 8/25/2017)



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