Radical Left Takes The Reins

Radical Groups Demand Absolute Resistance Against Yet-To-Be-Named SCOTUS Nominee, Senate Democrats Comply With ‘Unwavering Opposition’


Left-Wing Ideologues ‘Mounting A Major Offensive Against President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Hoping To Pressure Every Democratic Senator To Vote Against’

“Liberal groups are mounting a major offensive against President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, hoping to pressure every Democratic senator to vote against whomever the White House nominates to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy.” (“Left Mounts Heavy Pressure Campaign On Swing Senators Over Supreme Court,” The Hill, 7/01/2018)

“Liberals tell Schumer to scrap decorum and civility in battling Trump” (“Liberals Tell Schumer To Scrap Decorum And Civility In Battling Trump,” The Washington Post, 7/03/2018)

  • MICHAEL MOORE: “We first have to find ways to stop that vote from happening…. I’ll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol. I will stand there … Bill, let me tell you something, if this judge goes through … That's it, it's over.” (HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” 6/29/2018)


Prominent Democrats Heed The Call, Pledge ‘Unwavering Opposition To Trump’s Nominee’

“Less than 24 hours after Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, liberal advocacy group Demand Justice rallied in front of the court building Thursday with a string of Democratic lawmakers with a unified message: We will fight.” (“Outside Groups, Democrats Form Ranks in Supreme Court Fight,” Roll Call, 6/29/2018)

PAUL BEGALA, Former Clinton White House Chief of Staff: “I don’t think any Democrat is going to go along with a Trump appointee to the Supreme Court…. Not if he or she wants to raise any money or have any volunteers.” (“Kennedy Retirement Injects an Inflammatory New Issue Into Midterms,” The New York Times, 6/27/2018)


FLASHBACK: ‘Liberal Base Apoplectic … Demanding Opposition At Any Cost’

“Voters from the liberal base apoplectic over Trump's presidency are demanding opposition at any cost.” (“Democrats In A Vise Over Trump's Supreme Court Pick,” The Associated Press, 2/02/2017)

“The political arm of the Center for American Progress, called the CAP Action Fund, is one of the central entities in Democrats’ sprawling effort to oppose Trump. In an interview on Thursday, the group’s senior strategic adviser, Adam Jentleson [former deputy chief of staff to former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)], outlined an ambitious and wide-reaching plan ... ‘We’ll never reach a point where we say, “OK, that’s enough,”’ he said.” (“Democratic War Room Expands With Plans To Scrutinize Hundreds And Hundreds Of Trump Appointees,” BuzzFeed News, 3/02/2017)

MURSHED ZAHEED, Political Director Of CREDO Action: “Any Democrat who votes to advance Judge Gorsuch's nomination will have a permanent stain on their record.” (“Liberal Groups Vow Revenge On Democrats Who Back Gorsuch, The Associated Press, 3/09/2017)



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