Tax Reform: ‘Focused Squarely On Helping The Middle Class’

Tax Relief Means ‘Means Quality Jobs, Higher Wages, And Growth In Our Communities’

SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN ORRIN HATCH (R-UT): “[W]e are focused squarely on helping the middle class, and recent proposals to reform the individual tax system reflect that… Tax reform, if it’s done right, can … provide much-needed relief and opportunity for millions of middle-class families.  That, once again, is our goal in tax reform – it is, in fact, a driving force behind our efforts.  ” (U.S. Senate Finance Committee, Press Release, 9/14/2017)

  • SEN. HATCH: “One idea that has been central to a number of tax frameworks is a significant expansion of the standard deduction, which would reduce the tax burden for tens of millions of middle-class families and eliminate federal income tax liability for many low- to middle-income Americans. I’ll note that this is not only a Republican idea.  In fact, a few years back, our Ranking Member introduced legislation that would have nearly tripled the standard deduction. This is the very definition of middle-class tax relief, and it goes beyond direct tax and fiscal benefits.” (U.S. Senate Finance Committee, Press Release, 9/14/2017)

SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE RANKING MEMBER RON WYDEN (D-OR): “Nothing would be more satisfying and enjoyable … than to work with you, Mr. Chairman, and all of our colleagues … towards building an updated tax system that works for the days ahead, rather than being a relic of yesteryear.” (U.S. Senate Finance Committee Hearing, 9/14/2017)

SEN. DEAN HELLER (R-NV): “I know everybody has the same goal. That’s to expand the economy, simplify the tax code, and to give the middle class some tax relief…. Nevadans have been waiting for a fairer, simpler tax code for way too long.” (U.S. Senate Finance Committee Hearing, 9/14/2017)

  • SEN. HELLER: “To me, relief means letting the middle class keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, making our tax code easier to understand … It also means quality jobs, higher wages, and growth in our communities.” (U.S. Senate Finance Committee Hearing, 9/14/2017)

SEN. PAT TOOMEY (R-PA): “I think we’ve all agreed that we’d like for tax reform to provide tax relief for working class and middle income families.” (U.S. Senate Finance Committee Hearing, 9/14/2017)

SEN. ROB PORTMAN (R-OH): “…we’re concerned about the middle class squeeze—higher expenses for everything, especially for health care for most middle class families, and then flat wages, which is generally true over the last couple decades—this is, I think, the single best thing to do.” (U.S. Senate Finance Committee Hearing, 9/14/2017)


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