Tax Reform Has Indiana Off To The Races

 ‘In The Last Six Months, It’s Been Unbelievable, Really Unbelievable What’s Going On’


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “[W]e’re going to discuss our massive tax cuts that are growing paychecks all over our country.  They’re creating jobs and expanding the American Dream.  Just like we said would happen … And now, because of our tax cuts, you can keep more of your hard-earned money.” (Pres. Trump, “Remarks by President Trump on Tax Cuts for American Workers,” 4/12/2018)

“President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are speaking in Pence’s home state to talk up the benefits of tax reform and the president’s policies.” (“Trump, Pence Talk Taxes In Indiana — Live Updates,” CBS News, 5/10/2018)

  • VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: “Our president promised to cut taxes across the board. And with the strong support of every Republican in Congress from Indiana … we cut taxes for working families. We cut taxes for job creators, businesses large and small.” (Vice President Pence, Remarks in Elkhart, IN, 5/10/2018)

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “President Trump is visiting the great state of Indiana. He’s joining Hoosiers to celebrate the new jobs and prosperity that our Republican agenda is delivering to communities in Indiana and all over the country. After years of Democratic policies that made life harder for job creators, the United States of America is officially open for business once again.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 5/10/2018)

SEN. TODD YOUNG (R-IN): “I was proud to support historic tax reform legislation that has provided needed relief to Hoosier families and small businesses. Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law last December, success stories have poured into my office from Indiana businesses that are paying their workers more and from constituents who are earning more. We are finding scores of companies in Indiana who have invested in their employees, invested in capital improvements, or lowered energy rates for consumers.” (Sen. Young, Op-Ed, “Tax Day Marks New Beginning For Hoosiers,” Northwest Indiana Times, 4/20/2018)


Hoosier Small Businesses Say ‘I Think The Tax Bill Is Going To Accelerate Our Growth,’ ‘Obviously We’re Going To Be Able To Do More For Our Employees’

“Sen. Todd Young, R-Indiana, has been holding tax-reform roundtables throughout the state to take the pulse of the business community and stay in touch with its legislative needs. When he checked in with executives from the organizations at [general contractor Michael Kinder & Sons] offices April 27, they were upbeat about the business impact of sweeping tax reforms put in place late last year by Congress and President Donald Trump.” (“Tax Reform Heats Up Business Activity,” Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, 5/04/2018)

  • MICHAEL KINDER & SONS VP BILL KINDER: “We’re an S corporation and the way it’s set up, at least the way our accountants read it today, there’s going to be a significant benefit for our firm…. Obviously we’re going to be able to do more for our employees…. We’re going to be able to grow. We’re going to be able to do more development. We’re going to invest it.” (“Tax Reform Heats Up Business Activity,” Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, 5/04/2018)
  • “In addition to using its tax savings to invest in finding and training employees, MKS plans to invest more in technology and construction equipment. ‘The company is expanding to handle increased business from clients who are in a better position to build as a result of tax reform and an overall strengthening of the economy,’ Kinder said. ‘In the last six months, it’s been unbelievable, really unbelievable what’s going on.’” (“Tax Reform Heats Up Business Activity,” Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, 5/04/2018)
  • “Some of the investment MKS increases will involve its work with the community nonprofit groups it helps support, such as Turnstone, the Boys and Girls Club, Youth for Christ and Junior Achievement. All of the groups contribute to the quality of the region’s workforce in one way or another, and MKS supports them partly because the company likes to hire employees who have had a connection with them, Kinder said.” (“Tax Reform Heats Up Business Activity,” Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, 5/04/2018)

“A Kokomo-based, worldwide robotics parts supplier will invest $1.5 million to expand its operations in Kokomo and create 30 additional jobs by 2021. Founded in 2004, AndyMark is one of the leading distributors and makers of robotics parts within the robotics mobility and competition market, with a focus on robotics education … AndyMark has purchased an 88,000-square-foot facility at … on the city’s northeast side to accommodate even more growth.” (“AndyMark To Double Its Operations In Kokomo,” Kokomo Perspective, 3/13/2018)


Indiana Companies ‘Bet On America,’ ‘Boost Worker Pay And Benefits’

“Valparaiso-based Family Express, which has 70 convenience stores across Indiana and is in the process of building 10 more, is bumping its starting wage to $11 an hour. The 43-year-old convenience store chain is raising entry-level pay by $1 an hour, after pre-empting national retailers like Walmart with above-market starting wages in April 2015. Family Express said it was boosting pay because of the tax cuts that reduced the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent and as a bid to recruit quality employees and reduce turnover.” (“Family Express Raises Starting Pay To $11 An Hour,” Northwest Indiana Times, 2/05/2018)

“Indianapolis-based Centaur Gaming on Tuesday announced it would be sharing its federal tax cut with employees by giving each of them a $500 bonus check…. The bonuses are going to all full-time, part-time and returning seasonal team members who started with the company on or before March 5, the company said. Centaur said it would cover any extra taxes or deductions brought on by the payments to make the perks a true $500 bonus.” (“Centaur Gaming Celebrates Tax Cut By Giving Employees $500 Bonuses,” Indianapolis Business Journal, 3/07/2018)

“Kroger Co. is hiring 11,000 workers to improve customer service and efficiency at its thousands of stores as competition among food retailers heats up. Kroger said the new positions at its nearly 2,800 supermarkets will include 2,000 managers and represent a 2% increase to its workforce of about 450,000 full- and part-time employees…. Midwestern states including Ohio, Indiana and Michigan are among those with the most Kroger stores.” (“Now Hiring in Aisle 3: Kroger Looks to Add 11,000 Supermarket Workers,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/10/2018)


And Many Hoosiers Will Even Save On Their Utility Bills

“As a result of federal tax reform, NIPSCO [Northern Indiana Public Service Co.] natural gas and electric customers will benefit from a reduction in their monthly statements beginning with their May 2018 billing period…. For an average NIPSCO electric residential customer, the change will reduce bills by approximately $30 per year. NIPSCO natural gas residential customers will see an approximate $10 per year reduction. Commercial and industrial customers will also experience reductions in their bills beginning at the same time. ‘This lower amount is great news for all our customers thanks to the savings associated with federal tax reform,’ said NIPSCO president, Violet Sistovaris.” (“Fed Tax Reform To Benefit NIPSCO Customers,” The Michigan City [IN] News-Dispatch, 5/02/2018)



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