‘There Are Going To Be People Who Are Hurt’

‘Obamacare Benchmark Premiums to Rise 25% in Sharpest Jump Yet’

‘Premiums Will Go Up Sharply,’ ‘In Arizona … Will Jump By 116 Percent’

“‘I can’t afford to get sick after paying for the health insurance,’ Ms. [Laura M. Schlett, 44, of Brandon, Miss., a suburb of Jackson] said.” (“Some Health Plan Costs To Increase By An Average Of 25 Percent, U.S. Says,” The New York Times, 10/24/16)

“Premiums will go up sharply next year under President Barack Obama's health care law, and many consumers will be down to just one insurer, the administration confirmed Monday” (“Obama Administration Confirms Double-Digit Premium Hikes,” AP, 10/24/16)

‘1 In 5 Consumers Will Only Have Plans From A Single Insurer To Pick From’

“Moreover, about 1 in 5 consumers will only have plans from a single insurer to pick from…” (“Obama Administration Confirms Double-Digit Premium Hikes,” AP, 10/24/16)

“Among the states relying on HealthCare.gov, the typical number of plans available is declining by more than one-third, from 47 to 30. Competition is falling in all but four of those states, though the decrease varies significantly. … In Arizona, however, the number of plans will plummet from 65 to four.” (“Average Premiums For Popular ACA Plans Rising 25 Percent,” The Washington Post, 10/24/16)

PRESIDENT OBAMA: ‘There Are Going To Be People Who Are Hurt’

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “…there are going to be people who are hurt by premium increases or a lack of competition and choice.” (President Obama, Remarks, Miami, FL, 10/20/16)

  • “President Barack Obama said his signature health-care law has ‘real problems’…” (Bloomberg, 10/3/16)

FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON on the consequences of Obamacare: “It’s the craziest thing in the world.” (“Bill Clinton Bashes Obamacare As ‘Crazy System’ While Campaigning For Hillary,” The Washington Times, 10/4/16)

“Minnesota's Democratic governor said Wednesday that the Affordable Care Act is ‘no longer affordable’ for many, a stinging critique from a state leader who strongly embraced the law and proudly proclaimed health reform was working in Minnesota just a few years ago.” (“Democrat Dayton: Health Law 'No Longer Affordable' For Many,” The Associated Press, 10/12/2016)


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