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Obamacare Tax Shock: ‘Far Worse Than Predicted’

5.5 Million Americans Owed the IRS Money Because of Obamacare, Up Significantly From An Expected 3.4 Million Obamacare: A Tax Shock For Millions, More Confusion Expected Next Year "So roughly 5.5 million ObamaCare enrollees had to return, on average, almost a quarter of their premium subsidies. Given that these subsidies are available only to families with modest incomes, that's got to hurt." ("ObamaCare's Tax Shock Is Far Worse Than Predicted," Investor's Business Daily, 4/28/15) "Most fi… Continue Reading


U.S. Exports To The Pacific: ‘Enormous Potential’

Opportunity To Grow Current Trillion Dollar Export Market Beckons, 'Dramatically' Higher Exports Projected The Trans Pacific Partnership: 'Enormous Potential For … American Workers' "In recent years, countries across the Asia-Pacific have struck more than 200 trade deals, while American workers and businesses have largely missed out." ("United States Of Trade," Dept. Of Commerce, 2015) TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP "The United States is negotiating the TPP with 11 other like-minded coun… Continue Reading


On Iran ‘We Need Robust Debate’

Dem Leadership: Robust Floor Debate 'Is Part Of The History Of The Senate, It's One Of The Strengths Of The Senate' Sen. Reid: 'There Should Be Amendments Offered' SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): 'There should be amendments offered… We need robust debate' "I look forward to returning to the debate on the situation dealing with Iran. … We are going to move to this bill as soon as we can. I hope we can do it sooner rather than later. The debate on these amendments that the Republican … Continue Reading


American Exports: ‘Enormous Potential’

'With 95 Percent Of The World's Customers Living Outside Of U.S. Borders, There Is Enormous Potential For Our Businesses' Key Export Facts $2.4 TRILLION: "U.S. exports of goods and services tallied a record $2.35 trillion in 2014. That was the fifth consecutive year we achieved record exports." (Dept. Of Commerce, "Increased Exports And The Jobs Supported By Exports Are Keys To Heightened Economic Confidence," 3/11/15) $765 BILLION IN GOODS: 'Nearly half of all U.S. exports' went to our 20… Continue Reading


Conservatives: ‘Trade Is Good For America’

Reagan: 'The Freer The Flow Of World Trade, The Stronger The Tides For Human Progress' REAGAN: 'Free And Open Markets … Produce More Jobs' PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN: "I, like you, recognize the inescapable conclusion that all of history has taught: The freer the flow of world trade, the stronger the tides for human progress and peace among nations. I certainly don't have to explain the benefits of free and open markets to you. They produce more jobs, a more productive use of our nation… Continue Reading


Editorials: ‘It's An Economics 101 Lesson… Trade Is Good’

'The American People Understand That They Have More To Gain Than To Fear From A More Open Global Economy' 'No Item Is More Important Than The Passage Of… Trade Promotion Authority,' 'It Should Pass' BALTIMORE SUN: "It's an Economics 101 lesson that bears repeating: Trade is good. The United States is the world's largest trading nation, supporting more than 11 million jobs." (Editorial, "Give Obama 'Fast Track' Authority," Baltimore Sun, 4/17/15) "The less trade is encumbered, the … Continue Reading


‘TPA Reaffirms Congress’s Overall Constitutional Role’ On Trade

New Trade Promotion Authority Bill 'Expands On Administration Transparency And Consultation Obligations' 'The Congress Shall Have Power … To Regulate Commerce With Foreign Nations' U.S. CONSTITUTION: "The Congress shall have Power … To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations…" (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 8) CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE: "…the Constitution gives the U.S. Congress sole authority over the regulation of foreign commerce. For 150 years, Congres… Continue Reading


100 Days: ‘Signs Of Progress’

'Senators Making Significant Headway On Sticky Issues,' 'Promise On A Number Of Policy Fronts' 'One Of The More Productive Legislative Periods In Recent Years,' A 'Rash Of Bipartisanship' "The first 100 days of the 114th Congress offered signs of progress. … Republicans say the party is knocking the dust off its governing playbook for what could be one of the more productive legislative periods in recent years." ("100 Days Of Congress: Stumbles But Signs Of Progress," USA Today, … Continue Reading


‘How In The World They Could Possibly Object’

Trafficking Bill Now Includes The Same Hyde Amendment Dems Voted For Unanimously "On Tuesday, Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, proposed to remove the abortion language and replace it with the abortion restrictions in the House Medicare bill that Pelosi helped broker, the longstanding Hyde Amendment that restricts taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortions." ("A Busy and Bipartisan Tuesday," Roll Call, 4/14/15) "'We will use the same Hyde Amendment language that was negotiate… Continue Reading


Obamacare Tax Day Nightmare: ‘I Owe Thousands’

Today Courtesy Of Obamacare Many Americans 'In Shock,' Confronting 'A Nasty Surprise' Obamacare: A Tax Shock For Millions, Hundreds Of Thousands Receive 'Incorrect Data' "Half of the households that received federal subsidies to help pay for their health insurance in 2014 will have to repay some money back to the government when they file their tax returns" ("Nasty Tax Surprise For Obamacare Customers," CNBC, 3/24/15) "The average repayment owed by those people will be $794, the Kais… Continue Reading


Dems On Tax Day: The World Is Not Enough

A Review Of Recent Dem Demands For Even More Of Your Hard Earned Money SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): "We, the Democrats, have a reputation of, well, tax and spend, tax and spend." (Sen. Schumer, Congressional Record, S.12121, 09/26/07) Obama's Budget Demanded $1.8 Trillion In 'Sweeping Tax Increases' "As he prepares to deliver his budget on Monday, President Barack Obama is lurching to the left." ("Obama Veers Left," Politico, 1/30/15) "Obama Veers Left … It's a progressive's dre… Continue Reading


Trade: ‘The Country Needs It’

Trade Benefits 'Millions of Middle Class Americans' And Does 'Incredible Things' For American Small Businesses ARIZONA REPUBLIC: "It is insufficient to say that President Obama needs this pending trade deal. The country needs it. The nation's economy… desperately needs the sort of adrenaline rush that an invigorated trade deal would provide." (Editorial, "Hey, Arizona Dems, Can You Help Obama Out?," Arizona Republic, 2/21/15) "So do the millions of middle-class Americans who will be… Continue Reading


‘Following … The Law And Governing’

Republicans Pass 'Boldly Conservative and Balanced Budgets' 'Scoring A Win For The New GOP' Politico: "Senate Republicans corralled enough votes from fiscal conservatives and defense hawks to pass their budget on Friday, scoring a win for the new GOP." ("Senate Passes Budget As Negotiations With House Loom Ahead," Politico, 3/27/15) Huffington Post: "final passage of the budget gave a boost to Republicans looking to successfully unite behind the first spending plan of their new Senate maj… Continue Reading


The Constitution Isn’t Kindling

Will Democrats Continue To Aid Obama's War On Coal Families? Today, Dems Have An Opportunity To Help Rein In The EPA's 'Constitutionally Reckless' War On Coal Families McConnell / Paul Amendment 'prohibition on withholding highway funds from States that refuse to submit State Implementation Plans' to the EPA: "To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to the regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency of greenhouse gas emissions, which may include a prohibition on withholdi… Continue Reading


Budget Puts Obamacare In The Crosshairs

'Best Chance Yet' To Repeal 'Terrible Piece Of Legislation' Senate Budget 'Essential' Step To 'Wipe Out' Obamacare SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): "It's a budget that would allow us to repeal and replace a program that hurts the middle class: Obamacare." ("GOP Aims To Sink Obamacare With Reconciliation," Politico, 3/18/15) "Senate Republicans want to use a powerful budget maneuver known as reconciliation to go after President Barack Obama's health care law" ("GOP Aims To Sink Obamacare W… Continue Reading


Obama Budget ‘Lurching To The Left’

Will Democrats Support Obama's 'Untethered,' 'Almost Fictional Document'? Obama Budget 'Lurching To The Left' In 'Strange, Almost Fictional Document' "…the president's annual budget is a strange, almost fictional document." ("Obama's Wish-List Gambit," Los Angeles Times, 2/4/15) "As he prepares to deliver his budget on Monday, President Barack Obama is lurching to the left." ("Obama Veers Left," Politico, 1/30/15) "Budget 2016: Obama moves left…" ("Budget 2016: Obama Moves … Continue Reading


The Budget: A Return To Regular Order

Dems 'Defiantly Refused' To Pass A Budget Four Out Of The Past Five Years SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "This budget is another example of the new Senate getting back to work for the American people. ... This balanced budget is all about growing an economy that can work better for the Middle Class of today, and leaving a more prosperous future to the Middle Class of tomorrow." (Sen. McConnell, Floor Remarks, 3/23/15) 2010 - 'Budget Woes? Just Don't Pass One, Democrats Say' "…Democr… Continue Reading


Editorials: ‘Democrats, Swallow Your Pride’

'Apparently, The Issue Of Funding Abortions Has Higher Priority Among Some Congressional Democrats Than The Horrible Epidemic Of Children Being Trafficked' 'Democrats Should Stop Blocking The Human Trafficking Bill In A Fight They Lost Decades Ago' CHICAGO TRIBUNE: "Democrats, swallow your pride. Vote to move forward with the human trafficking bill. … And Democrats can resolve never again to vote for a bill they haven't read." (Editorial, Chicago Tribune, 3/17/15) TRIBUNE: "The Hy… Continue Reading


Trade Means American Jobs

'International Trade Is Fundamentally Good For The U.S. Economy, Beneficial To American Families' 2014: 11.7 Million Jobs Supported By $2.4 Trillion In Exports COMMERCE DEPARTMENT: "U.S. exports of goods and services tallied a record $2.35 trillion in 2014. That was the fifth consecutive year we achieved record exports." (Dept. Of Commerce, "Increased Exports And The Jobs Supported By Exports Are Keys To Heightened Economic Confidence," 3/11/15) "…a record year when it came to exp… Continue Reading


Four Myths Democrats Know To Be False

Reid The Bill MYTH 1: Hyde Amendment Language Was Sneaked In SEN. PATTY MURRAY (D-WA): "The provision the Republicans are hoping to sneak in…" (Sen. Murray, Congressional Record, S.1404, 3/11/15) MURRAY: "The Republicans are trying to pull a fast one here on the human trafficking bill…" ("Human Trafficking Bill Hits A Snag In The Senate," The New York Times, 3/10/15) REALITY: 'Democratic Staff Members Apparently Did Not Read The Bill' The Cornyn bill was introduced Janu… Continue Reading

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