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July 2024
Families Struggling With The Fallout Of Biden’s Inflationary Spending Have No Interest In His Dishonest Spin
As NATO Meets In DC, Senate Democrats Prioritize Show Votes Over NDAA
Senate Democrats Rubberstamp Another Unqualified Biden Judge
Egged On By Court-Packing Radicals, Democrats Unleash A Torrent Of Outrageous, Unhinged Rhetoric At The Supreme Court
June 2024
Schumer’s Show Vote Summer Puts Politics Over National Security
Senate Democrats Prioritize Radical Judges Over National Security
American Families Continue To Struggle With ‘The Predictable And Avoidable Consequences Of Bidenomics’
Three Years Too Late, Biden Finally Acknowledges The Border Crisis His Policies Caused
May 2024
Americans Continue To Revolt Against Democrats’ Soft-on-Crime Policies
Democrats’ Cynical Partisan Stunt Can’t Change The Fact That Biden Created The Border Crisis
Democrats Demonstrate Left-Wing Banking Regulations Are More Important To Them Than Cleaning Up The Toxic FDIC
Progressives In Congress Defend The Scandal-Plagued FDIC Chair To Protect Their Regulatory Agenda
Biden’s Brazen Lies Can’t Ease The Sting Of Three Years Of Inflation
Biden Emboldens Hamas With His Latest Israel Arms Shutdown
Biden Courts Pro-Hamas Campus Radicals With His Administration’s Outrageously Politicized Treatment Of Israel
Biden Campaign And Antisemitic Protests Are Bankrolled By The Same Rich Liberals
How Many More Radical Associations Must Adeel Mangi Have For Democrats To Finally Shelve His Nomination?
April 2024
As Extreme Far-Left Democrats Lend Support To Protesters Spouting Antisemitic Rhetoric, The Biden Administration Fails To Clearly Condemn The Protests Or Do Much Of Anything At All
The Senate Must Act Quickly To Reauthorize FISA Section 702
Will Iran’s Brazen Attack On Israel Finally Convince Democrats And President Biden To Drop The Unhinged Rhetoric They’ve Aimed At Israel Recently?
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