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March 2023
President Biden Keeps Sending Unqualified Nominees To The Senate
As The Border Crisis Worsens, Biden Wants To Cut Funding To Enforce Our Laws
Congress Should Not Tie The Hands Of American Commanders In The Middle East
As Threats To The United States Proliferate, President Biden’s Defense Budget ‘Is Woefully Inadequate’
With High Inflation Sapping Americans’ Finances Every Day, Biden Wants To Raise Their Taxes Too
Biden’s Reckless Spending Proposals Would Launch American Debt And Deficits To Unprecedented Levels
Biden’s Irresponsible Budget Triples Down On Tax Hikes, Government Spending, And Debt
Senate Republicans To Overrule Local Democrats’ Attempt To Make Nation’s Capital Even Softer On Crime
President Biden Continues To Appoint Radical, Scandal-Plagued Nominees To Critical Government Positions
February 2023
Joe Biden’s Judicial Nominees Fail To Measure Up
Senate Republicans Lead Effort To Roll Back Washington, D.C.’s Dangerous Move To Reduce Criminal Sentences During A Crime Wave
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Joe Biden’s Inflation Is Still Hurting You, Too
The Biden Administration Has Failed At Every Level To Alleviate The Chaos On The Southern U.S. Border
The Truth About Biden’s Signature Legislation: Tax Hikes And More IRS Audits On American Families
American Families’ Finances Are Approaching The Breaking Point Under The Cumulative Weight Of Months Of Painful Inflation In Biden’s Economy
America Deserves Better Than The Last Two Years Of Failed Biden Policies
Schumer Doubles Down On His Debt Limit Hypocrisy
January 2023
Americans’ Painful Economic Reality Is A Far Cry From Joe Biden’s Out-Of-Touch Spin
Schumer’s Hypocritical Debt Limit History
Record Numbers Of Encounters At The Southern Border Show The Biden Administration’s Ongoing Failure To Tackle The Crisis
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