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March 2024
Congressional Republicans Secure Important Spending & Policy Wins In Appropriations
February 2024
Joe Biden’s Desperate Attempt To Use Taxpayer Money To Buy Votes Continues
Polls Keep Showing Americans Are ‘Furious’ As They Continue To Pay For The High Inflation Of Bidenomics
The Senate Has A Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity To Finally Change The Status Quo On America’s Borders
January 2024
Desperate To Appease Climate Zealots, Biden’s Blinkered LNG Policy Throws National Security And American Jobs Under The Bus
As Iran’s Terror Proxies Attack Israelis And Americans, Senate Democrats Are Focused On Condemning Israel
Keeping Pace With Russian And Chinese Military Buildups And Defending American Interests Requires Congress To Urgently Approve Crucial Security Funding
Iran And Its Proxies Have Attacked American Forces And International Commerce With Impunity For Three Months
December 2023
Border Crisis Escalates Because Of Biden’s Disastrous Policies
‘Bidenomics’ Saddles American Families With Another Expensive Holiday Season
Congress Must Pass This Year’s NDAA So America Can Confront Worldwide Security Challenges
Democrats Still Refuse To Take Biden’s Border Crisis Seriously
November 2023
Americans Are Fed Up With President Biden Gaslighting Their Economic Struggles
Democrats Prefer Conditioning Aid To Israel While Refusing To Address America’s Border Crisis
United Senate Republicans Push To Change Biden’s Disastrous Border Policies
Understandably Angry With Stubbornly High Prices, Americans Heap Scorn On ‘Bidenomics’
Democrats’ Cynical And Partisan Campaign To Attack The Supreme Court Now Trains Its Fire On Private Citizens
America Has A Border Security Crisis, Not An Immigration Reform Crisis
Growing Number Of Democrats Cave To Extremist Calls For A Ceasefire
A Strong, Comprehensive Security Supplemental Invests In American Defense And American Jobs
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