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September 2023
American Military Strength And Continued Support For Ukraine Are Imperative To Deter ‘A New Axis Of Autocrats’ Centered On Beijing And Moscow
Biden Packs The Government With Big Labor Partisans While A Summer Of Strikes Threatens The Economy
August 2023
Joe Manchin’s Back To Bear-Hugging His Disastrous Law
American Families Who Have Suffered Two Years Of ‘Bidenomics’ Price Increases Reject Democrats’ Rosy Economic Spin
July 2023
NDAA Is Essential To Modernize Our Military, Improve Readiness, And Keep Pace With China’s Rapid Military Buildup
Joe Manchin Runs From Joe Manchin’s Law
One Year Later, Democrats’ Reckless Spending Spree Is Showering Cash On Foreign Companies
Democrats’ Partisan Supreme Court Legislation: ‘We All Know What A Tell Is’
With Julie Su Still Unable To Get The Support Of A Majority Of Senators, The White House Appears Ready To Attempt An End-Run Around The Senate
Democrats’ Phony ‘Ethics’ Legislation Is A Smokescreen For Their Ongoing Attacks On The Legitimacy Of The Supreme Court
Americans Continue Paying The High Price Of ‘Bidenomics’
American Leadership In Supporting Ukraine Is Making A Difference In Europe
June 2023
The Painful Reality Of ‘Bidenomics’
Senate Democrats Vote To Run Over America’s Truckers And Drive Up Grocery Costs For Working Families
America’s East Asia Partners Agree That Supporting Ukraine Is Essential For Deterring China
‘Sheriff Joe’ Biden Still Wants To Deputize Julie Su, Who Lost More Than A Fistful Of Dollars
Biden’s Inflation Remains Painfully High As Senate Democrats Rubberstamp The Man Who Got It Disastrously Wrong
RIP Internet, 5 Years Gone
Biden White House Continues To Push Big Union Ally Julie Su, Part Of A Raft Of Radical And Unqualified Nominees
Democrats Push More Radical Biden Nominees Even After The White House Was Recently Forced To Withdraw Several
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