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May 2022
Democrats’ Nine Month Abortion On Demand Bill Is Vastly Unpopular With Americans And Radical On A Global Scale
As Energy Prices Skyrocket, Democrats Keep Voting For Policies That Would Push Them Even Higher
Bipartisan Rejection Of The Biden Administration’s Awful Proposals For A New Nuclear Deal With Iran
Democrats Keep Acting Like They Know Better Than Parents What’s Best For Children
Democrats Are Disgracefully Eager To Burn Down The Institutions Of Our Constitutional Government
Pickle Ball Courts, CRT Training, Parking Meter Readers, And Golf Course Irrigation: The Wasteful Legacy Of Biden’s Slush Fund For State And Local Governments
April 2022
As Inflation Shrinks Americans’ Paychecks, Democrats’ New Plan Is To Raise Their Taxes
Senate Democrats Own The Growing Crisis At The Southern Border
Biden Administration Works To Curtail American Energy Production At Every Turn
As Biden’s Inflation Hammers Americans, Economists Warn A Subsequent Recession Is ‘Virtually Inevitable’
President Biden Isn’t Serious About Lowering Gas Prices
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Has A Seriously Concerning Record On Criminal Cases
MEMO: The Case Against Judge Jackson’s Elevation To The Supreme Court
March 2022
President Biden Incredibly Plans To Remove A Critical Border Control Tool During A Record-Breaking Wave Of Illegal Immigration
Durbin’s Deep Dishonesty On Court Packing
Americans Place The Blame For Inflation And Soaring Gas Prices Right Where It Belongs: On President Biden’s Policies
The Case Against Judge Jackson’s Confirmation
Judge Jackson’s Answers Lend Legitimacy To Democrats’ Outrageous Court-Packing Schemes
Judge Jackson Was Picked After Appearing On A List For The White House Created By A Far Left Dark Money Group
Senate Dems Laud Judge Jackson’s Sentencing Commission Tenure But Refuse To Let The Public See Her Documents From That Time
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