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December 2022
This Year’s NDAA Includes Essential Boosts To Munitions, Modernization, And Deterrence Against Hostile Powers
Democrats Holding Critical NDAA Hostage For Unrelated Partisan Policies
November 2022
With Violent Crime Still Plaguing Americans, Democrats Can’t Stop Talking About Defunding Police
Biden Vows To Change ‘Nothing’ As His Inflationary Economic Policies Squeeze Family Budgets
October 2022
Biden Keeps Blaming Everyone Else For The High Energy Prices His Own Policies Created
Democrats Failed Students, ‘Devastating’ New Test Results Show
As Americans Face The ‘Costliest Winter In Decades’ They’ll Know Democrats’ Energy Policies Are To Blame
The Biden White House Is Living In An Economic Fantasy
American Families Find No Relief From Biden’s Persistent Inflation
Democrats Angriest At Saudis Have Voted Over And Over To Choke U.S. Oil Production
Humiliated By OPEC, Biden Crawls To Venezuela For Oil, But Still Won’t Unleash American Energy Production
September 2022
Americans Are Paying For Biden’s Failed Energy Policies
Another Show Vote On The Unconstitutional DISCLOSE Act Yet Again Exposes Democrats’ Extreme Dark Money Hypocrisy
Biden’s Border Crisis Breaks Another Record
President Biden Is Breathtakingly Out Of Touch
Biden Administration Keeps Promoting Their New Turbo-Charged, Audit-Obsessed IRS
Biden And Democrats Did Nothing While The Crime Wave Continued This Summer
As Families Struggle, Out-Of-Touch Democrats Celebrate Doing Nothing About The Inflation Their Policies Caused
As Yellen Touts Subsidies For Wealthy Households To Buy Electric Vehicles, Californians Are Begged Not To Charge Theirs
Pumpkin Spice Latte Drinkers The Latest To Suffer From Biden’s Historic Inflation
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