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November 2023
America Has A Border Security Crisis, Not An Immigration Reform Crisis
Growing Number Of Democrats Cave To Extremist Calls For A Ceasefire
A Strong, Comprehensive Security Supplemental Invests In American Defense And American Jobs
October 2023
This Halloween, Americans Can’t Afford A House To Greet Trick-Or-Treaters
Biden’s Weakness On Iran Cannot Continue
Bidenomics In Action: Inflation Continues To Wreak Havoc On The Economy
Now Even Democrats Aren’t Buying The White House’s Bidenomics Spin
September 2023
CR Ensures Steady Funding For Law Enforcement Responding To Biden’s Border Crisis
This Week In The Failures Of Bidenomics
Biden Makes Another Lawless Attempt To Circumvent Congress
Americans Who Need A New Car Come Last After Bidenomics Drives Up Prices And The White House Sides With Big Unions
Under Biden, The Border Is Broken And Americans Know It
Residents Of American Cities Are Still Suffering From A Crime Surge Accelerated By Progressive Soft-On-Crime Policies
Who Are Americans Going To Believe, Their Huge Grocery Bills, Or The White House’s Insulting ‘Bidenomics’ Pitches?
Biden Ensures Americans Will Keep Paying High Gas Prices As He Continues To Shut Down U.S. Energy Production
American Military Strength And Continued Support For Ukraine Are Imperative To Deter ‘A New Axis Of Autocrats’ Centered On Beijing And Moscow
Biden Packs The Government With Big Labor Partisans While A Summer Of Strikes Threatens The Economy
August 2023
Joe Manchin’s Back To Bear-Hugging His Disastrous Law
American Families Who Have Suffered Two Years Of ‘Bidenomics’ Price Increases Reject Democrats’ Rosy Economic Spin
July 2023
NDAA Is Essential To Modernize Our Military, Improve Readiness, And Keep Pace With China’s Rapid Military Buildup
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