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Toxic Substances Control Act A ‘Major Chemical Safety Overhaul’

'The Most Far-Reaching And Influential Environmental Statute Passed By Congress Since The Body Updated The Clean Air Act In 1990' SEN, JIM INHOFE (R-OK), Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman: "This historic piece of environmental regulatory reform is a great example of the Republican-led Congress working for the American people by enacting meaningful and commonsense legislation... This soon-to-be law will protect and support millions of domestic jobs and spur economic growth for d… Continue Reading


Gitmo: ‘Obama Administration Rushing To … Release As Many Prisoners As Possible’

'There Have Been Americans That Have Died Because Of Gitmo Detainees' SEN. KELLY AYOTTE (R-NH): "[T]he administration continues to dangerously release terrorists from Guantanamo and unnecessarily put Americans at increased risk in order to fulfill a misguided campaign promise-all while refusing to level with the American people regarding the detainees' terrorist risks, activities, and affiliations." (Sen. Ayotte, Press Release, 4/18/2016) "Obama administration rushing to shrink ranks at Guanta… Continue Reading


Obamacare Consequences: ‘Insurance Rates Going Up’

'Customers Are Expressing Outrage' At 'Sticker Shock': 'You're Killing Me' Iowan: 'Who Can Afford This? … It Is Disastrous' "Obamacare plan customers should brace for sticker shock . . . Health plans are asking for sharp price increases, after suffering big losses on exchanges in the last two years." ("Insurers Are Looking For Obamacare Price Hikes," CNBC, 5/23/2016) IOWA: "About 37,000 Iowans who buy Coventry health insurance could face premium increases averaging 23 percent next y… Continue Reading


‘Payrolls Weaken Dramatically’

'Jaw-Dropping,' 'Boy, This Is Ugly,' 'Huge Disappointment' PRESIDENT OBAMA: "Now, look, I'm the first to admit my presidency hasn't fixed everything. … if what you're concerned about is who will look out for the interests of working people and grow the middle class, if that's what you're concerned about, then the debate -- then if that's that you're concerned about -- the economy -- the debate is not even close." (President Obama, Remarks, 6/1/16) THE WHITE HOUSE: "…disappointi… Continue Reading


‘The Elkhart Truth’

'Hoosiers Have Brought Our Economy Back In Spite Of The Burdens That Higher Taxes, Mandates And Increasing Regulations From Washington, D.C. Have Placed On Them' "Obama to herald progress in Indiana..." ("Obama To Herald Progress In Indiana In Effort To Frame Election Debate," The New York Times, 6/1/16) GOV. PENCE: 'Elkhart Has Rebounded In Spite Of Obama's Policies' GOV. MIKE PENCE (R-IN): "Elkhart has rebounded in spite of Obama's policies: Mr. President, we welcome you back to Elkhart sin… Continue Reading


Senate Back To Work

List of Legislation Passed By The Republican Senate Continues To Grow SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL: "We're seeing every day what a Senate that's back to work can achieve. We're seeing what's possible when committees are up and running again and the legislative process is functioning better again. We're seeing what's possible when senators from both sides of the aisle are empowered again to find areas of common ground, and then can actually work together to achieve them. . . We're g… Continue Reading


Obamacare: ‘The Facts Are Undeniable’

'Grim Predictions' Coming True, 'Large Health Plans In Some States Are Seeking To Raise Rates By 20% Or More' SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): "The facts are undeniable. The Affordable Care Act is working." (Sen. Reid, Floor Remarks, 5/26/16) "The insurers' proposed rates for individual coverage in states that have made their 2017 requests public largely bear out health plans' grim predictions about their challenges under the health-care overhaul. According to the insurers' filings with regulators, l… Continue Reading


‘It Takes A Lot Of Gall’

On NDAA, Sen. Reid's Preference Is A 'Last-Ditch Process' In 'A Lame-Duck Session' SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): 'There's no reason for further delay from our Democratic colleagues' "After two days of needless delay from across the aisle, this morning we'll vote to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to the National Defense Authorization Act, and hopefully adopt that motion quickly thereafter. This critical defense bill passed committee on a strong bipartisan basis, there's no reason for fur… Continue Reading


Adam Walsh Act Reauthorization Will Help Keep Our Children Safe

Republican Led Senate Has 'Passed Many Different Measures To Help Victims' SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "The Republican-led Senate believes in the importance of combating sexual assault and providing key protections for the victims of these heinous crimes. ...the Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act, will bolster efforts to prevent future sexual assault crimes and help victims receive justice." (Sen. McConnell, Congressional Record, S.3039, 3/23/16) SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY (R-IA): "Too many kids are … Continue Reading


Obamacare: ‘It’s Enough To Make You Sick!’

'A Sharp Jump In Rates' Likely Across The Nation "The rates Americans pay for coverage through Obamacare are going up… That sticker shock for Obamacare customers could spell trouble for the law and its supporters." ("Obamacare Rates Rise In New York, And So Does Political Risk," Bloomberg, 5/18/16) Obamacare 'Bad News Piles Up,' Possible Premiums Increases Of Up To 'A Whopping 89%' NEW YORK: "It's enough to make you sick! Health insurers operating on New York's Obamacare insurance ex… Continue Reading


Republicans On Obamacare’s Failures

Senate Republicans Highlight Families Facing 'Double-Digit Premium Increases,' 'Cancellation Notices,' Losing The 'Ability To See Their Doctor' SEN. BARRASSO: 'Costs Have Gone Up. Co-Pays Have Gone Up. Deductibles Have Gone Up. People Have Lost Their Plans, Lost Their Ability To See Their Doctor . . . All Of Those Things Because Of The Health Care Law.' SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "Health care costs are now the number one financial concern facing American families, accordi… Continue Reading


Obama Reg ‘Demoting Millions Of Workers’

'Small Businesses, Nonprofits, And Public Sector Employers Will Be Especially Impacted' SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "Our economy continues to be stuck in the worst recovery since World War II and the only solution the Obama Administration can come up with is more red tape that will hurt our nation's working middle class. Just like Obamacare's 30 hour work week, this regulation will once again incentivize employers to cut worker hours, provide fewer benefits, and hinder flexible work arrangem… Continue Reading


Obamacare’s Dwindling Choices

'Insurance Options Dwindle' For Multiple States, Hundreds Of Counties Kentucky Resident: "At what point will enough Americans wake up to the fiasco of Obamacare and undo this monstrosity? I was just informed by my health care carrier that my plan will no longer be offered as it does not meet the Affordable Care Act standards. The cheapest replacement is going to be an 80-percent increase over my current monthly premium." (Letter To The Editor, "Obamacare Destructive," Lexington Herald-Leader, 5… Continue Reading


Obamacare: Premium Increases Aplenty

Prospective 'Double-Digit Rate Hikes' Across The Nation "Obamacare premiums expected to rise sharply…" ("Obamacare Premiums Expected To Rise Sharply Amid Insurer Losses," The Hill, 4/25/16) Obamacare 'Bad News Piles Up' IOWA: '38% to 43% increases for some' "Tens of thousands of Iowans who buy their own health insurance are about to receive a shock in the mail. Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield is sending letters this week telling about 30,000 customers it plans to raise their prem… Continue Reading


Energy & Water Bill ‘An Important First Step’

'The First Time The Senate Has Approved A Stand-Alone Bill To Fund Energy And Water Programs Since 2009' SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "The Energy and Water Appropriations bill is important for American energy, for American waterways and ports, and for American commerce and safety… This is a good bill for Kentuckians and for our country. By returning to regular order, we've opened up the process and empowered all Senators to have more of a say in the appropriations process. The progres… Continue Reading


Under President Obama ‘The Middle Class Is Hollowing Out’

Pew: 'The Middle Class Lost Ground In Nearly Nine-In-Ten U.S. Metropolitan Areas' PEW: 'Middle Class Is Losing Ground … Across The Country' WALL STREET JOURNAL: "No President has done worse by the middle class in modern times." (Editorial, "Incomes And Poverty, 2014," Wall Street Journal, 9/16/15) AP: "In cities across America, the middle class is hollowing out." ("Middle Class In Major U.S. Cities Is Shrinking, Pew Study Says," AP, 5/12/16) WASHINGTON POST's Wonkblog: "The grea… Continue Reading


White House Advisor: Iran ‘Is Healthcare For Us’

Obama Administration Boasts Of Selling American Public A Bill Of Goods On Its Iran Deal, Just Like They Did On Obamacare BEN RHODES, Deputy National Security Adviser For Strategic Communications: "…it's a big deal. This is probably the biggest thing President Obama will do in his second term on foreign policy. This is healthcare for us, just to put it in context." ("The Coming Détente With Iran," The Washington Free Beacon, 10/31/14) 2nd Term: Obama Administration Pushed 'Activel… Continue Reading


‘Staggering’ Regulatory Burden, ‘Disappointing’ Job Creation

Obama Bureaucrats 'In The Bowels Of Federal Agencies' Busily Burying Job Creators Under A 'Flurry Of Regulations' "[President Obama's] legacy is a Washington leviathan atop a private economy that grows increasingly less able to support it… The regulatory burden is staggering for the economy and for all who live and work within it." ("So Many Rules, So Few Opportunities," The Wall Street Journal, 5/6/16) "A wave of regulation coincides with weak hiring and growth. Friday's jobs report … Continue Reading


Obamacare’s ‘Stiff Medicine’

'Bigger Premium Increases In 2017' Expected 'The Public's Views … More Negative Than Positive' For One Woman Premiums Now 'Higher Than Her Mortgage' OK WOMAN: "When the health insurance premiums got to the point that they were higher than her mortgage, Renee Powell started to become cynical. 'There was something in me that just kind of switched,' said the mother of two from Bartlesville, Okla. 'I was okay with paying $750, but when it became about $100 more than my housing costs, it… Continue Reading


The Obama Economy: Failure To Launch

'When Did Americans Decide … That We Should All Merely Shrug And Get Used To The Country's Diminished Expectations?' "Obama will be the only U.S. president in history that did not deliver a single year of 3.0%+ economic growth. …Obama will leave office having produced an average of 1.55% growth. This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%)." ("Barack Oba… Continue Reading

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