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With High Inflation Sapping Americans’ Finances Every Day, Biden Wants To Raise Their Taxes Too

February Marked The 22nd Month In A Row With Year-Over-Year Inflation Hitting Or Exceeding 5%, And As Families Continue To Struggle With Higher Prices For Their Houses, Groceries, Energy, Cars, And Clothes, President Biden Has Proposed Piling $5 Trillion More In Taxes On Americans SEN. JOHN BARRASSO (R-WY): "President Biden's reckless spending and far-left priorities have created an inflation disaster. Americans are dipping into their savings just to pay for gas and groceries. Yet, Presiden… Continue Reading


Biden’s Reckless Spending Proposals Would Launch American Debt And Deficits To Unprecedented Levels

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA): 'The President's Budget Took My Breath Away. His Numbers Are Extraordinary … The Only Way I Know How To Improve The President's Budget Is With A Shredder' SEN. JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA), Senate Appropriations Committee Member: "The president's budget took my breath away. His numbers are extraordinary. We're going to run out of digits here. It's $6.9 trillion budget, $4.7 trillion in new taxes that will affect everyone over 10 years; $18 trillion in new debt, a cut … Continue Reading


Biden’s Irresponsible Budget Triples Down On Tax Hikes, Government Spending, And Debt

Following Two Years Of Out-Of-Control Democrat Spending, Tax Hikes, And Massive Deficits, President Biden Has Submitted A Budget Calling For Even More Taxing, Spending, And Red Ink That Would Balloon The Federal Government While Still Managing To Shortchange Defense And Border Security JOE BIDEN: "My dad used to have an expression: 'Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.'" (Joe Biden, Remarks, 9/15/2008) Senate Republicans: President Biden's … Continue Reading


Senate Republicans To Overrule Local Democrats’ Attempt To Make Nation’s Capital Even Softer On Crime

On Wednesday The Senate Will Vote On A Resolution To Disapprove Of The D.C. Council's Dangerous Attempt To Lower Sentences For Many Criminal Offences Just As Washington, D.C., Suffers From A Plague Of Shootings, Stabbings, Carjackings, And Other Violent Crime SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "The proposition behind our bill is simple. It goes like this: The answer to skyrocketing violent crime in the District of Columbia is not to reduce criminal penalties even further. On wh… Continue Reading


President Biden Continues To Appoint Radical, Scandal-Plagued Nominees To Critical Government Positions

President Biden Has Nominated A Former California Labor Secretary Whose Department Paid Out Tens Of Billions In Fraudulent Payments For The Federal Labor Department And A Radical Left-Wing Activist Who Has Floated Using Regulatory Power To Censor Viewpoints She Disagrees With For The FCC Julie Su, Biden's Nominee To Be The New Secretary Of Labor, Presided Over California's Disastrous Administration Of Unemployment Benefits During The Pandemic, As Over $30 Billion Was Stolen By Scammers, In… Continue Reading


Joe Biden’s Judicial Nominees Fail To Measure Up

One Nominee Stripped A Teenage Sexual Assault Victim Of Her Privacy, Another Can't Answer Rudimentary Questions About The Constitution, And A Third Is Obsessed With Microaggressions And Seems Interested In Weakening Free Speech Protections SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "[Recently] President Biden and the Senate Democratic Leader took time to boast about their judicial confirmations. There was something interesting, strange, and telling about their statements. Both the Pres… Continue Reading


Senate Republicans Lead Effort To Roll Back Washington, D.C.’s Dangerous Move To Reduce Criminal Sentences During A Crime Wave

Senate Republicans Intend To Force A Vote In The Senate Following A Bipartisan Vote In The House To Support Mayor Muriel Bowser's Opposition To The D.C. Council's Reckless And Irresponsible Move To Reduce Penalties For Violent Crimes While The City Suffers From A Crime Wave SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "[T]he D.C. Council here is so completely captured by the woke far left, they have responded to this crime wave with a new criminal code that reduces penalties even further… Continue Reading


Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Joe Biden’s Inflation Is Still Hurting You, Too

Contradicting The Biden Administration's Rosy Spin, Inflation Increased Month-Over-Month Again In January, While The Cumulative Effects Of Nearly Two Straight Years Of High Inflation Force American Families And Businesses Pay More For Nearly Everything, Including Valentine's Gifts 'Inflation Turned Higher To Start 2023, As Rising Shelter, Gas And Fuel Prices Took Their Toll On Consumers' "Inflation turned higher to start 2023, as rising shelter, gas and fuel prices took their toll on consum… Continue Reading


The Biden Administration Has Failed At Every Level To Alleviate The Chaos On The Southern U.S. Border

59% of Americans disapprove of Biden's handling of "the immigration situation at the U.S.-Mexico border." (Washington Post-ABC News Poll, 2/03/2023) U.S. Customs And Border Protection Announced That 251,487 Illegal Immigrants Were Encountered At The Southern Border In December, A Record Number, Highlighting 'The Unprecedented Migrant Crisis Along The Southern Border' "Illegal border crossings during the month of December reached their highest level of the Biden administration, topping 250,00… Continue Reading


The Truth About Biden’s Signature Legislation: Tax Hikes And More IRS Audits On American Families

Biden's Signature Accomplishment Is A Reckless Taxing And Spending Spree That Raises Taxes On Ordinary Americans And Sends More IRS Agents After American Families REMINDER: Democrats Raised Taxes On The Middle Class With Their Partisan Spending Boondoggle "Biden vowed never to raise taxes on any Americans making less than $400,000 annually. Yet according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Schumer-Manchin bill does just that. Up to $16.7 billion worth of tax increases, JCT estimates." … Continue Reading


American Families’ Finances Are Approaching The Breaking Point Under The Cumulative Weight Of Months Of Painful Inflation In Biden’s Economy

Most Americans Continue To Disapprove Of President Biden's Handling Of The Economy And Over 40% Say They Are Worse Off Today Than When Biden Took Office "[A] growing number of Americans say their own financial circumstances are worsening on Biden's watch. Roughly 4 in 10 Americans (41 percent) say they are not as well-off financially since Biden became president, up from 35 percent one year ago and the highest percentage to report such a sentiment under any president in Post-ABC polls since mea… Continue Reading


America Deserves Better Than The Last Two Years Of Failed Biden Policies

President Biden's Failed Policies Have Left Americans Struggling With The Worst Inflation In Four Decades, Paying Sky-High Grocery And Energy Prices, Bracing For Higher Taxes And More IRS Audits, While Chaos Consumes The Southern Border And Afghanistan American Families' Finances Are Approaching The Breaking Point Under The Cumulative Weight Of Months Of Painful Inflation In Biden's Economy "[A] growing number of Americans say their own financial circumstances are worsening on Biden's watch… Continue Reading


Schumer Doubles Down On His Debt Limit Hypocrisy

'Some Democrats Are Trying To Rewrite History And Pretend That Republicans' Demands For Negotiations Are Unusual. But That's Just False.… The Pelosi-Schumer Playbook For The Debt Limit [Was To] Demand Negotiations' SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "Some Democrats are trying to rewrite history and pretend that Republicans' demands for negotiations are unusual. But that's just false. Back in 2017, the Senate Democratic Leader said the debt ceiling gave Democrats, quote, … Continue Reading


Americans’ Painful Economic Reality Is A Far Cry From Joe Biden’s Out-Of-Touch Spin

While President Biden Claims That His Economic Policies Are Working, Americans Still Struggling With High Inflation Are Pulling Back On Spending And Falling Into Debt President Biden Keeps Boasting That 'The Biden Economic Plan … Is Actually Working' And 'Families Are Breathing Just A Little Bit Easier' PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: "I don't think it's unfair to say that this is all evidence that the Biden economic plan … is actually working. It's working." ("Remarks by President Bid… Continue Reading


Schumer’s Hypocritical Debt Limit History

In 2017, Sen. Chuck Schumer Talked About Using The Debt Limit 'As Leverage,' In Stark Contrast To His Categorical Assertions Today That 'Using It As A Bargaining Chip' 'Should Be Off The Table' SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): "[T]hey know there is no reason-no reason, no argument, no logic-to justify flipping your position 180 degrees and calling it some kind of principle. It is not. It is utterly craven …" (Sen. Schumer, Remarks, 9/21/2020) In 2017, Schumer Bragged About Democrats U… Continue Reading


Record Numbers Of Encounters At The Southern Border Show The Biden Administration’s Ongoing Failure To Tackle The Crisis

As Customs And Border Protection Announces Yet Another Record Month Of Illegal Border Crossings On The Southwest U.S. Border, Cities Where Migrants Arrive Are Reaching The Breaking Point, And Americans Are Fed Up SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "The Biden Administration has spent two years turning its back on the proven tools and policies that Republicans used to strengthen our southern border. Two years of a functionally open-borders policy from Washington Democrats. And tw… Continue Reading


Inflation Remains ‘Well Above Normal Levels’ Because Of Biden’s Economic Policies

Since Joe Biden Took Office, Prices Have Increased 13.5% And Monthly Year-Over-Year Inflation Remains Far Above What Is Normal, A Situation Economists Agree Was Made Worse By The Reckless Spending Sprees Passed By Biden And Democrats December marked the TWENTIETH consecutive month in which inflation rose at least 5 percent year-over-year. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 1/12/2023) Prior to 2021, year-over-year monthly inflation had not been as high as it was in December 2022 since 19… Continue Reading


Because Of Leader McConnell And A Majority Of The Senate Preserving The Filibuster, Partisan Democrat Priorities Were Kept Out Of The Appropriations Bill

A Bipartisan Majority Of The Senate Agreed With The Reasoning Of Leader McConnell And Others About The Fundamental Importance Of The 60-Vote Threshold To The Senate And Its Continued Presence Has Shaped Another Major Piece Of Legislation, Forcing The Majority Party To Negotiate With The Minority Party Leader McConnell: 'The Filibuster Is About More Than What Gets Blocked; It Shapes Almost Everything The Senate Does Pass' SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "The filibuster is … Continue Reading


Senate Republicans Secured ‘Robust Defense Spending’ At The Expense Of Democrats’ Liberal Spending

Senior Democrats Are Upset That The Appropriations Legislation Grows Defense Spending At The Expense Of Liberal Domestic Programs Yet This Funding Is Essential To Sustaining American Forces And Equipping Them To Confront Threats From Russia, China, And Others SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "President Biden's proposal for fiscal year 2023 was a massive, real-dollar increase for liberal domestic spending and a significant real-dollar cut for the national defense. Thanks to ti… Continue Reading


The Government Funding Agreement Conforms To The Conservative Policy Guidelines Leader McConnell Has Defined For Months

This Year, Leader McConnell Clearly Laid Out Conservative Policy Markers That Would Have To Be Met In Any Bipartisan Government Funding Agreement And The Appropriations Legislation Released Today Conforms To Those Policies SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): "The bipartisan government funding bill that Senators Shelby and Leahy have finished negotiating does exactly the opposite of what the Biden Administration first proposed. This bill provides a substantial real-dollar increas… Continue Reading

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