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The New Senate: An Era Of Achievement

Senior Senate Dems Weigh In: 'I Am Proud Of The Senate,' 'I Am Very Proud Of The Bipartisan Work We Have Done' The Republican Senate: A Record Of Accomplishment "The new Republican-controlled Congress has accomplished much in its first six months." (National Journal, 7/6/15) "…Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's Senate is on a roll - and he wants to make sure it stays that way." ("After Trade Triumph, Senate Republicans Look To Rack Up More Wins," Roll Call, 7/7/15) 29 … Continue Reading


Trade: ‘Its Strategic Value Is Awesome’

Twelve Trans-Pacific Partnership Nations 'Not Only An Enormously Lucrative Trading Bloc But A Vital Geostrategic Counterweight To China' SEC DEF ASH CARTER: 'We Need Congress To Pass Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority,' 'Time's Running Out' ASH CARTER, Secretary of Defense: 'We need Congress to pass bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority … [to] ensure America gets the best deal in a historic, new trade agreement with eleven other Asia-Pacific countries, which is called the Trans-P… Continue Reading


U.S. Exports To The Pacific: ‘Enormous Potential’

Opportunity To Grow Current Trillion Dollar Export Market Beckons, 'Dramatically' Higher Exports Projected The Trans Pacific Partnership: 'Enormous Potential For … American Workers' "In recent years, countries across the Asia-Pacific have struck more than 200 trade deals, while American workers and businesses have largely missed out." ("United States Of Trade," Dept. Of Commerce, 2015) TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP "The United States is negotiating the TPP with 11 other like-minded coun… Continue Reading


Trade Means American Jobs

'International Trade Is Fundamentally Good For The U.S. Economy, Beneficial To American Families' 2014: 11.7 Million Jobs Supported By $2.4 Trillion In Exports COMMERCE DEPARTMENT: "U.S. exports of goods and services tallied a record $2.35 trillion in 2014. That was the fifth consecutive year we achieved record exports." (Dept. Of Commerce, "Increased Exports And The Jobs Supported By Exports Are Keys To Heightened Economic Confidence," 3/11/15) "…a record year when it came to exp… Continue Reading

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