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OP-ED: Back To Work For The American People

by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

When the American people elected a new Republican majority in 2014, they called for the Senate to get back to work. From day one, that's what this majority has set out to accomplish - and we've gotten a lot done as a result. Consider what we were able to achieve for the American people last year alone. Enacting permanent tax relief for families and small businesses. Bringing an end to a job-killing energy embargo from the 1970s. Rebuilding our nation's crumbling infrastructure with the most si… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Senate approves aviation bill to make flying safer, more passenger friendly

by Mitch McConnell

Many Americans are rightly concerned about airport security after the tragic terrorist attacks at an airport in Brussels, Belgium that killed dozens of innocent civilians, including a young woman from Kentucky and her husband, and wounded more than 200 others. The Kentuckians I meet want to know what their government is doing to improve safety and security - including at airports - in light of horrific attacks like these. The safety of every American who flies is a top priority for the new Repu… Continue Reading

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