ICYMI: McConnell on The Hugh Hewitt Show

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joined Hugh Hewitt on The Hugh Hewitt Show this morning. See below for highlights or click here for the full interview.

On the Supreme Court:

“What [Democrats] really don’t like is that this is a Supreme Court that respects the Constitution and expects the executive branch only to carry out positions that Congress has authorized. Most of the left thought of the Supreme Court as sort of an extra legislative body that would help them get whatever they couldn’t get through the peoples’ elected representatives.


“We do have a different Supreme Court, but it’s one that doesn’t operate outside the Constitution or, clearly, laws passed by representatives.”

On Democrats’ Attempts to Regulate the Supreme Court:

“Every single Republican on the Judiciary Committee is opposed to it. The Chief Justice can take care of whatever standards the Supreme Court needs to adhere to. Congress does not have the legal authority to dictate to the Supreme Court how they should handle these matters.


“Many of the liberals on the Court have also accepted gifts. It’s just an effort to try to target this new Supreme Court. If they can’t get their way on the merits, they go after the Court itself. Chuck Schumer, for example, went over to the Supreme Court and called out two of the members by name and said they’d pay a price if they ruled a certain way. When they can’t get their way before the Court, they simply try to destroy the reputation of the Court.

“These are the same people who want to all of a sudden have term limits for Supreme Court justices or age requirements. They’ll do anything to try to destroy the Courts and they’ve had some success in driving down the approval rating of the Supreme Court.”

On the War in Ukraine:

“We need the National Defense Authorization Act. The debt ceiling budget deal is not adequate for defense. It’s important to win in Ukraine. I think it’s the most important challenge in the world right now and we can’t afford to let the Russians win.”


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