McConnell on Treasury Announcement and COVID-19 Relief

LOUISVILLE, KY – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued the following statement regarding targeted COVID-19 relief:

“Secretary Mnuchin’s actions yesterday concerning some of the lending facilities established by the unanimous, bipartisan CARES Act are fully aligned with the letter of the law and the intent of the Congress.

“There is an obvious right use for these hundreds of billions of dollars of already-allocated but unused funds. Congress should repurpose this money toward the kinds of urgent, important, and targeted relief measures that Republicans have been trying to pass for months, but which Democrats have repeatedly blocked with all-or-nothing demands.

“American workers should not lose their jobs needlessly when a second round of the job-saving Paycheck Protection Program for the hardest-hit small businesses would make a huge difference. Our medical system should not be denied additional support, including for distributing the life-saving vaccines that appear to be on the horizon. Republicans continue to support passing these kinds of urgent and targeted measures as soon as possible.”

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