McConnell: Choose Support for Human Trafficking Victims Over Far-Left Lobbyists

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today urging Senate Democrats to side with human trafficking victims and end their filibuster of the bipartisan human trafficking bill:

“Throughout Democrats’ filibuster of anti-slavery legislation, this is basically what they’ve been telling us: We don’t read legislation we vote on.

“Even so, It was always a stretch to believe that not a single one of the 13 original Democrat cosponsors of this bill — nor the many Democrats who voted for this bill in committee, nor their well-educated staffs — could not have been bothered to make it to page four before deciding to support it.

“Well, support it, at least until far-left lobbyists told them they couldn’t anymore.

“So yesterday’s revelation — that the Democratic side was indeed aware of the language in question — could hardly have surprised anyone.

“It also makes clear that Democrats decided to yank their support for an anti-slavery bill for one simple reason: because far-left lobbyists said so. 

“Not because the American people said so.

“Nearly 70% of Americans support the kind of bipartisan provisions Democrats now claim they object to. And many Democrats have voted for similar bipartisan Hyde language many times before, in both appropriations and authorizing legislation.

“So our Democratic colleagues obviously lack a rationale for this continued filibustering of anti-slavery legislation.

“And if Democrats truly are sincere about wanting to move to an attorney general vote as soon as possible, then they should consider some recent advice from the Chicago Tribune.

“Here what it said.

“‘Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have endorsed’ the same bill they are now filibustering, it noted. So, quote, ‘all they have to do is allow a vote’ on the same bill to move to another vote they claim to want to have.

“And yet, as the Tribune also noted, Democrats do not, quote, ‘want to go on the record against a bill aimed at combating the evils of human trafficking. So they are blocking a vote — yes, blocking a law to combat human trafficking — in hopes that they can get their way.’

“Here’s how the editorial concluded. This is the part our Democratic friends should listen to closely.

“‘Democrats,’ it implored. ‘Vote to move forward with the human trafficking bill. Then the Senate can get on with approving a new attorney general. And Democrats can resolve never again to vote for a bill they haven’t read.’

“It seems so simple: ignore the lobbyists, vote to give hope to the victims of slavery instead.

“That’s the right thing to do. And today, we’ll give our friends another chance to show where they stand in this debate over modern slavery.”

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