McConnell Honors Departing State Office Manager Angie Schulte

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding Angie Schulte:

“One of the occupational hazards of Senate service is having to say goodbye to truly remarkable staff professionals.

“I’ve already been through this rodeo with Angie Schulte. All the way back in 1988, this dedicated caseworker left my office for the nonprofit sector.

“But back in 2010, I leapt at the chance to hire Angie back as my State Office Manager. And her second tour of duty has been a huge success.

“I’ve known Angie for forty years now. I’ve watched her master a wide variety of roles. She is an integral part of my state office. She keeps all of us on task and on time.

“But unfortunately, tomorrow, her second tour of service will end with a second farewell. Angie is retiring after decades of hard work and phenomenal public service.

“For 12 years, Angie’s been the steady rudder steering my in-state team. If there were a complicated problem, she’d fix it. A scheduling conflict? She’d resolve it. A new staffer needed help growing into their role? She’d provide it.

“Angie combines meticulous efficiency with a totally charming and cheerful demeanor.

“My relationship with Angie actually predates my time in the Senate. Her mother, Jeannette, was my personnel director for my county administration.

“I was a newly-elected Republican in a heavily Democratic county government who needed all the smarts and all the help that I could get. Jeannette proved invaluable.

“In 1982, her daughter Angie came on board as office receptionist. I quickly promoted her not once but twice. She served as office manager of my Neighborhood Response Office.

“When I won statewide in 1984, Angie was one of my first hires.

“With the same vigor that had helped Louisville residents settle property disputes and parking tickets, Angie began helping Kentuckians across the state navigate the morass of federal government red tape. Expertise, an eye for detail — Angie grew into the consummate public servant.

“Our whole team was overjoyed to welcome Angie back after her tenure with Metro United Way, one of the Commonwealth’s largest nonprofits.

“She is famous for humming and whistling while she works and for throwing extravagant birthday parties for her colleagues. She is unfailingly upbeat. She has a permanent positive attitude. And boy does she get results for Kentucky.

“As you can see, it’s been an honor to have Angie’s talents on our team.

“I’m just grateful that when a sterling 40-year career concludes tomorrow, a 40-year friendship will not.

“Angie — I wish you every happiness as you spend more time to spend with Steve, with Kathleen and Becca, and with those grandkids Grant, Logan, and Elizabeth.

“I am eternally grateful for your outstanding, good work.”