McConnell Remarks on Meeting With Judge Jackson

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding :

“Yesterday morning, I hosted Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the President’s nominee to replace Justice Breyer on the Supreme Court, in my office.

“I was glad to meet with Judge Jackson. We enjoyed a cordial discussion. Like I’ve been saying, Republicans fundamentally believe the nominee, the Court, and the country all deserve better than the disgraceful displays that Senate Democrats have routinely visited on the nominees of Republican presidents.

“The Senate’s process should be dignified. But it must also be vigorous, exhaustive, and painstaking. We are talking about a lifetime appointment to our nation’s highest Court.

“This is a moment when issues relating to the law and the judiciary are directly hitting American families — from skyrocketing murders and carjackings; to soft-on-crime prosecutors effectively repealing laws; to open borders.

“This is also a moment when the far left has declared open season on the very concept of judicial independence itself.

“President Biden even bowed to the radicals and set up a court-packing commission.

“Now, Justice Breyer has distinguished himself by loudly and proudly putting these radicals in their place. He has consistently denounced the concept of partisan court-packing and defended the Court’s legitimacy.

“One would hope his successor would follow suit.

“But curiously, the same radicals who want to turn Democrats into the party of court-packing also badly wanted Judge Jackson for this vacancy. It’s a matter of record that this nominee was the anointed favorite of these fringe groups. At this time last year they were already spending dark money to raise her profile.

“So I intend to explore why groups that are waging political war against the Court as an institution decided Judge Jackson was their special favorite.

“Like I said — I enjoyed meeting the Judge. She's clearly a sharp lawyer with an impressive resume. But when it comes to the Supreme Court, a core qualification is judicial philosophy. Our citizens need Justices who treat all parties fairly, apply our laws and Constitution as written, and leave legislating to Congress.

“I raised all these matters yesterday. And I look forward to gaining more clarity about Judge Jackson’s positions during the vigorous and thorough Senate process to come.”


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