Obamacare: Broken Promises, Higher Costs, Massive Failures

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding the negative effects of Obamacare on the Middle Class:

“The President put forth a mighty Obamacare spin effort yesterday. You have to give him credit for trying to salvage a law that only 1 out of every 9 Americans think is actually working. But I don’t think condescending to Obamacare’s victims was the best approach for him to take.
“Consider this cringe-inducing assertion: Americans who already had health insurance, quote, ‘may not know that they’ve got a better deal now [under Obamacare] than they did, but they do.’
“In other words: He knows what’s best for you, so quit complaining.
“It’s the very mindset that led to this partisan law being forced through over the objections of the American people in the first place. It’s the very mindset that said it was okay to cut a few corners and tell a few white lies to sell the country a law it didn’t want.
“So what, the Obamacare crowd seems to think, if Americans couldn’t keep the plans they had and liked.
“So what, Obamacare’s defenders must reason, if Americans see costs rise after being told they’d fall.
“To our friends on the Left, it’s just the cost of doing business.
“And these days, they’ve all but given up the ghost of empathy; they just talk past the Middle Class instead.

“Consider some of the things we’ve heard from top Democrats:
• ‘Obamacare has been wonderful for America’
• ‘None’ of the predictions about how Obamacare wouldn’t work have ‘come to pass’
• The implementation of this is fabulous’
“These are the kind of things that raise blood pressures across America. But quotes like these betray more than just a certain incongruence from reality. They also signal a party that’s lost confidence in the force of its own arguments — one that seems more intent on reassuring itself than convincing others.
“Why else would they be saying things they know aren’t true?
“Now I’ve already spoken broadly over the past week about how Obamacare has failed Americans in terms of higher costs especially. But allow me just to touch on the assertion that Obamacare’s implementation has been ‘fabulous’ too.
“Fabulous. That’s certainly one way to describe how Obamacare has been plagued by failure since day one.
“Consider the disastrous rollout.
“Many Americans won’t forget the crashing websites, the hours on hold, the instructions to ‘fax in’ their applications — while at the same time seeing reports of Obamacare contractors sitting idle, waiting for work to come through the door. 
“The White House tried to spin it all away as nothing more than a glitch on a website. But the American people knew it pointed to broader, systemic challenges in an unworkable law.
“Consider the many pro-Obamacare states that launched exchanges with great enthusiasm. These true-blue administrations did everything they could to make Obamacare work — but they often ended up exposing Obamacare’s tragic realities instead.
“Take deep-blue Vermont.  Many on the Left looked to Vermont’s extra-ambitious Obamacare experiment as the crown jewel in their ideological crown, but it turned out to be little more than ‘an unending money pit,’ as one Vermonter put it.
“In Oregon, officials spent over 300 million taxpayer dollars to launch an Obamacare exchange and marketing campaign. That’s a big investment. But Obamacare’s been an even bigger flop. Millions of dollars down the tubes, and Oregon has little to show for it beyond a couple bizarre marketing videos and a criminal investigation.
“Hawaii just announced that it will be the latest state to shutter its faltering exchange.
“And in my home state of Kentucky, a Democrat administration poured a quarter-billion dollars into an exchange that placed nearly 80 percent of enrollees into an already-broken Medicaid system. Too many of the remaining 20 percent or so now find themselves stuck with unaffordable Obamacare coverage, like a constituent from Ashland who wrote to let me know that his monthly premium increased by more than 30 percent. 
“So it’s hard to disagree with the top Vermont health official who said ‘Good God, this just wasn’t set up for success.’
“Given the spectacular flop in his state, he’d know. And he certainly seems to have a point: of the 17 original Obamacare exchanges, some have failed outright and half of those that remain are struggling financially.
“So the truth is this.
“Obamacare never had a website problem, it had an Obamacare problem.
“No amount of wishful thinking or fast talk is going to change that reality.
“It’s not going to change the failures I just mentioned, and it’s not going to change the failures I haven’t: like the failed CLASS Act, the troubled CO-OPS, the debacle of giving people the wrong amount of subsidy, or what we just learned yesterday — that the IRS may not even be able to verify that many of the people who received a tax credit for health insurance actually bought health insurance.
I’m asking Obamacare’s defenders in the White House and in Congress to redirect their efforts away from spin and toward reality instead. We all know that Obamacare is a law filled with broken promises, higher costs, and failure. So let’s work together to start over with real health reform instead.
“That’s the kind of health care outcome that actually would be ‘fabulous’ for our constituents. It’s something that really would be ‘wonderful for America.’ And it’s what we can work together to achieve once Washington politicians can move past the failure of Obamacare.”

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