Rising Premiums, Costs Continue to Plague Obamacare

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding the failures of Obamacare:

“Sometimes, the divide between the White House and reality can be stark.
“That was on evident display yesterday, when President Obama told us that Obamacare was ‘working’ and that essentially ‘none’ of the warnings of the law’s failures and broken promises had come to pass.
“I imagine the families threatened with double-digit premium increases would beg to differ, as would the millions of families who received cancellation notices for the plans they had and wanted to keep.

“That’s especially true considering something else the President said — that Obamacare ‘hasn’t had an adverse effect on people who already had health insurance.’
“President Obama actually said that. It may border on the absurd, but he said it.
“Perhaps the President will make even more bizarre claims today as he tries to bolster the image of a law only 11 percent of Americans say is a success. Or perhaps he’ll keep realities facing the Middle Class in mind. Instead of jousting with reality again, perhaps he’ll consider the concerns of the constituents who write in every day to tell us how this law is hurting them. Maybe he’ll remember the Kentuckian who wrote to tell me this:

“‘I cried myself to sleep.’

“That’s how this Kentuckian said she felt after losing health coverage with her employer and then being forced into an exchange plan she called ‘subpar’ with a nearly $5,000 deductible.
“‘I work hard for every penny I earn,’ she said, and this ‘is unacceptable.’
“It’s also another example of a law that’s failed. And the sooner President Obama can get to grips with that reality, the sooner we can work together to replace the fear and anguish of Obamacare with the hope and promise of true health reform.”

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