Obamacare Repeal Means Relief for Kentucky

‘For the people of Kentucky, and for people all across this country, repeal means relief. The time to act is now.’

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding the repeal of Obamacare and highlighting the impact on Kentucky:

“Families across the country have been hurt by Obamacare’s rising costs and limited choices, and we continue to hear the stories from constituents back home. My own home state of Kentucky was once championed as a success story by Obamacare’s supporters. That’s hardly the case today.

“Too many Kentuckians are watching their insurance premiums grow higher and higher. They’re struggling to meet deductibles so high that their insurance is almost useless. They’re watching their friends and neighbors lose their plans or access to family doctors. And as they sit around the kitchen table and try to budget for their families’ future, they know one thing: the promises of Obamacare have failed them.

“Obamacare promised lower costs, but premiums have skyrocketed. It promised families could keep their plans or doctors, but many have seen their options limited. Kentuckians want to see lower costs, more choices, and better care. But after seven long years of rising costs and diminishing options, Obamacare hasn’t delivered — and the people of Kentucky are demanding change.

“They’ve been loud and clear in their distaste for Obamacare. Like other members here, I’ve received letters, emails, and phone calls, and I’ve met with constituents directly who are feeling the pain of higher costs and fewer choices.

“Consider this mom in Kentucky. She’s facing the higher costs of health insurance, and she doesn’t know what to do. ‘My family is being pushed out of the middle class by the Obamacare law,’ she said. ‘How can we pay almost $1,200 a month on health insurance?’

“Listen to this veteran and father from Louisville. After his plan was discontinued, he tried to buy insurance through Obamacare, only to find that his children’s pediatrician wouldn’t accept it. This dad worries that unless something is done, he will be ‘one of thousands of Kentuckians that will find that they do not have insurance options.’

“I have heard from many constituents expressing similar frustration, disappointment, and anger about the outcomes of Obamacare. They expected the law to deliver on its promises, but instead, they paid more and received less.

“This year, the cost of insurance premiums in Kentucky spiked up to 47 percent. These price increases are a direct result of the instability injected into the market by Obamacare. And families across Kentucky are scrambling to find ways to fit the extra expenses into their budgets.

“To make matters worse, the choices that families once had for health insurance continue to disappear. Nearly half of the counties in Kentucky only have one option for a health insurance provider on the exchange. And when there’s only one choice, there’s not really a choice at all.

“For the people of Kentucky, and for people all across this country, repeal means relief. The time to act is now.

“However, our friends on the other side of the aisle are doing everything they can to stop us from fulfilling our promise to help the American people.

“Instead of continuing to push their political agenda, I urge them to help us. I ask them to listen to the American people who demand change. A recent Gallup poll showed that 8 out of 10 Americans wanted to see Obamacare significantly changed or replaced.

“It’s time to admit it. Obamacare has failed. This partisan experiment is hurting more than it is helping. It’s time to finally move past it and replace it with something that works.

“This repeal resolution is the first step to bring relief for hard-working Americans and to prevent health insurance markets from imploding. Next, we need to work together to replace Obamacare with health care policies that actually work for families.

“Once we repeal Obamacare, we can use the stable transition period to deliver on another promise. I encourage colleagues on both sides to offer their input as we work to lower costs, increase choices, and promote better care. But one thing is certain. Republicans will continue to follow through on our promises and act on behalf of our constituents to bring relief from Obamacare.”

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