Senate Set to Pass Bipartisan FAA Bill

‘This legislation received bipartisan support from the start, and it shows what’s possible with a Senate that’s back to work.’

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today prior to the Senate voting on the bipartisan Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization and airport security bill:

“Later this morning the Senate will have an opportunity to pass the FAA Reauthorization and security bill, which aims to secure our airports and look out for American travelers.

“This legislation received bipartisan support from the start, and it shows what’s possible with a Senate that’s back to work.

“Under the guidance of Senator Thune, the Commerce Committee Chairman, and Senator Ayotte, the Aviation Chair, this FAA Reauthorization and security bill incorporated ideas from both sides as it moved through the legislative process. I also appreciate the work of Ranking Member Nelson and Ranking Member Cantwell in working with them to advance it.

“After seven hearings and nearly 60 amendments accepted, the bill passed the Commerce Committee by voice vote.

“On the floor, the bill managers continued listening and working with Senators from both sides to process more amendments that members thought would make this good bill even stronger. 

“For instance, they worked to include a number of additional security measures in an amendment that earned bipartisan support. That amendment aims to enhance inspections and vetting of airport workers, to improve security for international flights arriving at U.S. airports, and to help ensure perimeter security is reviewed.

“In addition to these important security provisions, we accepted an amendment from Senator Heinrich to shore up security in pre-screening zones, which could be particularly vulnerable to attacks.

“We also adopted an amendment from Senators Toomey and Casey that addresses the security of cockpit doors.

“I appreciate these and other Senators who put forth ideas to make the final product something both sides can support.

“The FAA Reauthorization and security bill will make important strides for our national security and for travelers. It does so without increasing fees or taxes on passengers. It does so without imposing heavy-handed regulations that can stifle consumers’ choice.

“I look forward to supporting this legislation later this morning.”

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