‘A Major Setback’ For Pres. Obama’s Anti-Coal Regs

Supreme Court Order Shows Obama EPA’s Anti-Coal Regulations ‘Could Be In Legal Jeopardy’

SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “Last year I called on governors to hold off submitting plans mandated under the President’s regressive federal energy regulations until courts could determine whether the regulations were even legal. Today’s Supreme Court order to halt those regulations—regulations that attack the middle class and won’t even have a meaningful impact on global carbon emissions—is just the latest sign they may not be. I applaud the court for implementing this stay until a final determination can be made.” (Sen. McConnell, Press Release, 2/09/2016)

“Since Mr. McConnell is limited in how he can use his role in the Senate to block regulations, he has taken the unusual step of reaching out to governors with a legal blueprint for them to follow to stop the rules in their states. . . Mr. McConnell sent a detailed letter to every governor in the United States laying out a carefully researched legal argument as to why states should not comply with Mr. Obama’s regulations. In the letter, Mr. McConnell wrote that the president was ‘allowing the E.P.A. to wrest control of a state’s energy policy.’” (“McConnell Urges States To Help Thwart Obama’s ‘War On Coal,’” The New York Times, 3/19/15)


‘A Major Setback For President Obama’s Climate Change Agenda’

“In a major setback for President Obama’s climate change agenda, the Supreme Court on Tuesday temporarily blocked the administration’s effort to combat global warming by regulating emissions from coal-fired power plants.” (“Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama’s Efforts to Regulate Coal Emissions,” The New York Times, 2/09/2016)

“[NPR's Scott Horsley] says, ‘There's no question they [the Obama White House] were caught off-guard by this decision, which could be seen as an ominous sign for the president's broader climate agenda.’” (“Supreme Court Puts White House's Carbon Pollution Limits On Hold,” NPR, 2/10/2016)

“By issuing the temporary freeze, a 5-4 majority of the justices signaled that opponents made strong arguments against the rules. . .  To convince the high court to temporarily halt the plan, opponents had to convince the justices that there was a ‘fair prospect’ the court might strike down the rule. The court also had to consider whether denying a stay would cause irreparable harm to the states and utility companies affected.” (“Obama Vows To Press Ahead On Clean Power Plan After Setback,” The Associated Press, 2/10/2016)


‘Ruling Would Raise Serious Questions From Nations That Signed On To The Landmark Paris Climate Change Pact’

“Implementation of the rules is considered essential to the United States meeting emissions-reduction targets in a global climate agreement signed in Paris last month.” (“Obama Vows To Press Ahead On Clean Power Plan After Setback,” The Associated Press, 2/10/2016)

“The delay is a blow to Obama’s environmental agenda, highlighting the prospect that his signature program for combating climate change could be in legal jeopardy. It also risks undermining the U.S. commitment to pare greenhouse gas emissions as part of an international accord reached in Paris last December.” (“Obama's Clean-Power Plan Put on Hold by U.S. Supreme Court,” Bloomberg News, 2/09/2016)

“‘It’s a stunning development,’ Jody Freeman, a Harvard law professor and former environmental legal counsel to the Obama administration, said in an email. She added that ‘the order certainly indicates a high degree of initial judicial skepticism from five justices on the court,’ and that the ruling would raise serious questions from nations that signed on to the landmark Paris climate change pact in December.” (“Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama’s Efforts to Regulate Coal Emissions,” The New York Times, 2/09/2016)


Governors Applaud Ruling Halting Costly Plan

GOV. MATT BEVIN (R-KY): “Today's Supreme Court ruling is a huge win in the fight against Obama's disastrous Clean Power Plan. The Court's decision to freeze these illegal climate regulations is a victory in our efforts to save our coal jobs and protect Kentucky families from skyrocketing energy prices. We will continue to challenge these regulations as the litigations continue in court.” (Lex18.com, 2/09/2016)

GOV. MIKE PENCE (R-IN): “Hoosiers know that coal means jobs and low-cost energy for our state, and tonight’s Supreme Court decision to put President Obama’s carbon dioxide regulations on hold is a win for Indiana.  The Clean Power Plan exceeds the authority granted to the EPA under the Clean Air Act, and I am pleased that it will not be enforced while the lawsuit filed by Indiana and 28 other states and state agencies moves through the courts.  Hoosiers may be assured that our state will continue to use every legal means available to fight President Obama’s war on coal.” (Gov. Pence, Press Release, 2/09/2016)

GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R-WI): “Today’s decision is a win for Wisconsin and the other states joining with us in challenging the overreach of the Obama Administration.  This rule clearly exceeds the President’s authority and could increase costs to Wisconsin ratepayers and businesses by up to $13 billion.  We will continue working to protect Wisconsin’s families and manufacturing industry from the potentially devastating impact of this presidential overreach.” (Gov. Walker, Press Release, 2/09/2016)



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