As Energy Prices Skyrocket, Democrats Keep Voting For Policies That Would Push Them Even Higher

Last Week, Most Senate Democrats Refused To Vote For Republican Motions That Would Help Increase American Energy Production Or Block Policies That Would Raise Energy Prices Even Further On Struggling Families


SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “After ignoring federal law by failing to award a single oil or gas development lease for five straight quarters, the [Biden] Administration has shrunk its land offering by 80% while jacking up its royalty rate by fifty percent. That’s right: Democrats’ response to supply shortages and sky-high prices at the pump is to make American energy even less available and even more expensive. Meanwhile, it’s begun to tear up the regulatory reforms put in place under the last Administration to streamline infrastructure project permitting. President Biden and his team struck the match on a historic surge in energy prices, and are now making it even more expensive for American producers to boost supply. They endorsed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, and are now making it harder for American builders to get to work. And of course, Democrats are still itching to resurrect their Green New Deal. In the midst of historic inflation, they want to jack costs up even further for consumers while making America wildly dependent on China and other regimes with abysmal environmental and labor standards. The same Democrats who don’t want us responsibly exploring oil and natural gas also don’t want us responsibly exploring for critical minerals, either, and want to tie up American manufacturing in red tape. This Administration’s war on American energy has left destruction in its wake. The only idea they have left to try is the one that would’ve worked from the beginning: unleash the abundant, affordable, and reliable supply we’ve got right here at home.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 5/03/2022)


Democrats Say Their Goal Is To ‘Get The Heck Off Of Fossil Fuel’ And ‘Lead The World In Reducing The Use Of Fossil Fuels,’ Which Sidelines Affordable American Energy And Drives Up Costs For Consumers

SEN. SHELDON WHITEHOUSE (D-RI): “I urge voting no on the Lee motion to instruct, and I further urge that if we want to protect the American consumer, get the heck off of fossil fuel before it drives us into ruin …” (Sen. Whitehouse, Congressional Record, S.2315, 5/04/2022)

SEN. JEFF MERKLEY (D-OR): “Mr. President, I rise in opposition to this motion to instruct for one simple reason: It is up to America to lead the world in reducing the use of fossil fuels and in pivoting to renewable energy.” (Sen. Merkley, Congressional Record, S.2319, 5/04/2022)


Most Senate Democrats Voted Against Allowing More Offshore Drilling To Produce More Affordable Energy In The U.S.

SEN. JOHN BARRASSO (R-WY), Senate Energy And Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member: “I rise in support of the motion to instruct conferees to require the Department of Interior to finalize a 5-year offshore oil and gas leasing plan no later than June 30, 2022. It would require at least 10 sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska…. The Biden administration has failed to develop a 5-year plan. Gina McCarthy has told us why. Last week, she said President Biden is absolutely committed, she said, to blocking additional drilling. Jen Psaki confirmed it at the White House. Instead of begging for oil from our enemies, like Iran and Venezuela, we should produce more American energy.” (Sen. Barrasso, Congressional Record, S.2313, 5/04/2022)

44 Senate Democrats voted against Sen. Barrasso’s motion to require the immediate development of a new five-year federal offshore oil and gas leasing program mandating lease sales for oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska. (H.R.4521, Roll Call Vote #148: Motion agreed to 53-44: D 4-42; R 49-0; I 0-2, 5/04/2022; Congressional Record, S.2312, 5/04/2022)

Democrats Who Voted No Were Siding With Biden Administration Officials Who Recently Said, ‘President Biden Remains Absolutely Committed To Not Moving Forward With Additional Drilling On Public Lands,’ ‘It’s Not In Line With The President’s Policy, Which Was To Ban Additional Leasing’

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY JEN PSAKI: “Well, let me first say that today’s action … was the result of a court injunction that we continue to appeal.  And it’s not in line with the President’s policy, which was to ban additional leasing … I would just note that we are going to continue to fight this court injunction that is forcing our hand in allowing this to proceed, even as we have taken actions to reduce by 80 percent the areas to lease and impose stringent environmental standards…. [A]gain, these leases are not in line with our policy or the President’s view.” (White House Press Briefing, 4/18/2022)

WHITE HOUSE NATIONAL CLIMATE ADVISOR GINA McCARTHY: President Biden remains absolutely committed to not moving forward with additional drilling on public lands. The challenge that we faced was that we had a court that ordered a new lease to be done. The Department of Energy had no choice but to put it out. But they also found ways to reduce the size of that and its impact. And we’ll keep doing what we need to do to appeal those decisions and to make our case in a court.” (MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Reports , 4/20/2022)

REMINDER: The Biden Administration Refuses To Appeal A Court Ruling Shutting Down Offshore Oil And Gas Leases And Is Now Signaling They Want To Delay Offshore Drilling Into 2023

“The Biden administration will not challenge a federal court ruling that it did not sufficiently consider climate change when it auctioned off 1.7 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico last year, accepting a decision that invalidated the largest offshore oil and gas lease sale in the nation’s history. In a document filed Monday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, lawyers for the government said they would not appeal the district court’s ruling canceling the lease sale.” (“Biden Administration Won’t Appeal Judge’s Ruling Revoking Gulf Of Mexico Drilling Leases,” The Washington Post, 2/28/2022)

“Under a court order, the Interior Department sold oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico last November, but a federal judge later invalidated the auction … And though required by federal law, a new five-year plan for selling leases is not on track to be in place by June 30, when the current Obama-era program expires.” (“Biden Signals Third Year of Offshore Oil-Leasing Delay in Gulf,” Bloomberg News, 3/29/2022)

“The Biden administration doesn’t anticipate selling offshore drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico through at least October 2023, effectively stretching a delay in that activity to a third year, according to economic projections included in its newly released budget proposal…. The anticipated offshore leasing pause comes despite the war in Ukraine and high costs for oil, gas and gasoline that have prompted administration officials to implore energy companies to pump more crude. The Gulf of Mexico generates about 15% of the nation’s crude production.” (“Biden Signals Third Year of Offshore Oil-Leasing Delay in Gulf,” Bloomberg News, 3/29/2022)


Every Democrat Who Was Present Voted Against A Motion To Prevent Americans Being Saddled With Costly Emissions Mandates That China Would Avoid

Sen. Tim Scott: ‘Why Would We Cripple Our Economy To Make It Easier For China To Prosper?’

SEN. TIM SCOTT (R-SC): “[T]his should be simple. The last 20 years, China’s emissions have gone from 13 percent globally to 28 percent. At the same time, our emissions have gone from 25 percent down to 14 percent…. Why would we cripple our economy to make it easier for China to prosper? This should be a simple one. Gas in DC is $5 a gallon. We are destroying America’s economy, and we are crippling our Nation’s energy security. This should be simple…. Our emissions have been going down while theirs is going up. Clean energy in this footprint is produced cleaner in America than it is in China. So if you care about the environment, produce it here at home. If you care about national security, produce it here at home.” (Sen. Tim Scott, Congressional Record, S.2325, 5/04/2022)

Every single Democrat present voted against Sen. Tim Scott’s motion to ensure that Americans are not saddled with greenhouse gas emission mandates unless China agrees to impose the same mandates. (H.R. 4521, Roll Call Vote #159: Motion rejected 47-49: D 0-47; R 47-0; I 0-2, 5/04/2022; Congressional Record, S.2325, 5/04/2022)


Nearly All Senate Democrats Refused To Prevent The President From Unlawfully Declaring A ‘Climate Emergency’ And Attempting To Use Emergency Powers To Limit Affordable Domestic Energy Infrastructure

SEN. SHELLEY MOORE CAPITO (R-WV), Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Ranking Member: “[T]his motion to instruct emphasizes that climate change cannot be used as a basis for the President to declare an emergency or a major disaster or any other means to expand executive powers. In the last 2 weeks, Progressives in Congress have renewed their push for the President to claim powers he doesn’t have and make it harder to produce energy domestically and export it abroad. This is bad policy, and it sets a bad precedent to encourage expansive executive authority…. When Congress wants to address climate, as we have in the past, it rolls up its sleeves and does so in a thoughtful, bipartisan manner, with clear, detailed direction to the Executive, not by giving the Executive broad authority to do whatever it sees fit.” (Sen. Capito, Congressional Record, S.2323, 5/04/2022)

47 Senate Democrats voted against Sen. Capito’s motion to prevent the president from using provisions in law designed to handle immediate emergencies to declare a national climate emergency and unconstitutionally expand executive branch powers. (H.R.4521, Roll Call Vote #157: Motion agreed to 49-47: D 2-45; R 47-0; I 0-2, 5/04/2022; Congressional Record, S.2323, 5/04/2022)

Far-Left Democrats Have Been Pushing President Biden To Declare A 'Climate Emergency’ That ‘Could Allow Biden To Shut Down Crude Oil Exports, Suspend Offshore Drilling, And Redirect Funding For Clean Energy Projects’

“With President Joe Biden’s signature environmental legislation indefinitely stalled, progressive Democrats and activists are lobbying the White House to declare a ‘climate emergency’ to unlock executive powers. The tactic could allow Biden to shut down crude oil exports, suspend offshore drilling, and redirect funding for clean energy projects.” (“Biden Urged to Declare ‘Climate Emergency’,” Bloomberg, 2/23/2022)

  • “Invoking a climate emergency also could allow Biden to use the Defense Production Act and the federal procurement budget of $500 billion per year to produce renewable energy and clean transportation technologies, according to a report being released Wednesday by the Center for Biological Diversity. In addition, the president would be able to direct the Federal Emergency Management Agency to construct renewable energy systems and limit the construction of fossil fuel infrastructure, according to the report.” (“Biden Urged to Declare ‘Climate Emergency’,” Bloomberg, 2/23/2022)

JEAN SU, Energy Justice Director and attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity: “By declaring a climate emergency, President Biden will be able to redirect military funds to build clean energy systems, marshal private industry for clean technology manufacturing… and finally put an end to dangerous crude oil exports. It’s vital for Congress to pass this bill and for President Biden to use the emergency powers vested in him to realize a livable and just planet.” (Jean Su, Press Release, 2/4/2021)

REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ (D-NY): “We are out of time and excuses. Our country is in crisis and, to address it, we will have to mobilize our social and economic resources on a massive scale… If we want to want to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past - if we want to ensure that our nation has an equitable economic recovery and prevent yet another life-altering crisis - then we have to start by calling this moment what it is, a national emergency.” (Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Press Release, 2/4/2021)

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-VT): “As we face the global crisis of climate change, in addition to other crises we face, it is imperative that the United States lead the world in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy… What we need now is Congressional leadership to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and tell them that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of the planet. Climate change is a national emergency, and I am proud to be introducing this legislation with my House and Senate colleagues.” (Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Press Release, 2/4/2021)

REP. JARED HUFFMAN (D-CA): “If we can’t work with Manchin to get Build Back Better done, it’s time to use his executive authority… It’s one of the clearest ways to bolster his authority and open up some policy options so he can meet the moment.” (“Biden Urged to Declare ‘Climate Emergency’,” Bloomberg, 2/23/2022)


Nearly All Senate Democrats Wouldn’t Even Agree To Claw Back Billions In Taxpayer Money That Is Earmarked To Be Sent Overseas For The Wasteful U.N. Green Climate Fund And Related International Boondoggles

Nearly All Democrat Senators Voted Against Keeping That Money Here In The U.S.

SEN. MIKE LEE (R-UT): “Americans are facing an affordability crisis. In my home State of Utah, the average household is having to pay an additional $702 every month just for basic living expenses relative to what they paid every month at the beginning of last year. Inflation is unsustainable. Energy is one primary driver of inflation, and this administration’s senseless energy policies are largely to blame. The House’s version of this bill contains more of these damaging policies that will hurt Americans, and hurt Utahans in particular, while they can least afford it. My motion instructs conferees not to include the House provisions, including one sending $2 billion per year indefinitely to developing countries to support their supply of zero emissions vehicles; another provision that would send $8 billion to the U.N.’s green climate fund, which has historically given money to China; as well as another provision expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should implement the Paris Agreement, which is estimated to lead to a 20 percent increase in the costs for the average American family’s electric bill and shrink our national GDP by $2.5 trillion. Americans can’t afford these energy policies. My motion will make sure that they don’t have to pay for them.” (Sen. Lee, Congressional Record, S.2315, 5/04/2022)

Nearly every Senate Democrat voted against Sen. Lee’s motion to strip funding for the U.N. Green Climate Fund, sending money to developing countries to purchase zero emission vehicles, and to remove provisions endorsing the Paris Agreement, which would increase energy costs for Americans. (H.R.4521, Roll Call Vote #150: Motion rejected 48-49: D 1-46; R 47-1; I 0-2, 5/04/2022; Congressional Record, S.2315, 5/04/2022)

And Most Democrats Rejected Repurposing That Money For Rebuilding The U.S. Military

SEN. TOM COTTON (R-AR): “China’s military is growing while ours is shrinking. The President’s Defense budget can’t even keep up with the Democrats’ own rate of inflation…. And while we are shortchanging our own military against a dangerous communist adversary, the Government wants to send $8 billion of your money to a U.N. boondoggle called the Green Climate Fund. If anyone should be paying for a Green Climate Fund, it should be the Chinese communists, the world’s worst polluters--not American taxpayers. My proposal is simple. Instead of giving that $8 billion to the United Nations to waste on climate schemes and corruption, we should send it to our troops and help rebuild our military. The U.N. or the U.S. military? It is an easy choice. I urge my colleagues to support the motion.” (Sen. Cotton, Congressional Record, S.2315-2316, 5/04/2022)

44 Senate Democrats voted against Sen. Cotton’s motion repurposing billions of dollars that would be sent overseas for the U.N. Green Climate Fund to instead rebuild the American military. (H.R.4521, Roll Call Vote #151: Motion agreed to 50-44: D 1-42; R 49-0; I 0-2, 5/04/2022; Congressional Record, S.2315, 5/04/2022)



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