Dem Obstruction Hits Century Mark

Senate Democrats Have Already Forced 100 Cloture Votes On President Trump’s Nominees In His First Two Years Vs. 24 Combined For The Previous 6 Presidents In Theirs


Number of cloture votes taken in the Senate on executive and judicial nominations in the first two years of a president’s term:

100 Cloture Votes on Nominations

Notes: Includes judicial nominees and failed cloture votes. Excludes cloture motions waived or vitiated.

  1. Trump: Through June 5, 2018. Includes 2 cloture votes on the nomination of Justice Gorsuch and cloture votes on Jelena McWilliams to be both an FDIC board member and its chair.
  2. Clinton: Includes a cloture vote on 5 nominees at once (all of whom were subsequently confirmed by voice vote) and 2 failed cloture votes on the nomination of Sam Brown.

(“Cloture Motions,” U.S. Senate Website, Accessed 6/05/2018)