Continuing To Produce For The American People

A Growing List Of Achievements By The 115th Congress


SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “One bill after another, one confirmation after another, the Senate continues to produce major accomplishments that will directly improve the lives of the American people.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 5/24/2018)


With More To Come, Here’s A Look At Some Of The Legislative Highlights Of The 115th Congress


  • TAX REFORM: Reformed America’s tax code for the first time in 31 years - putting more money in the American people’s pockets and creating more opportunity for them and their children.

  • JUDGES: Set a record last year on circuit court confirmations. Now up to a total of 21 circuit court confirmations so far, which is one-eighth of all circuit court judgeships, and confirmed Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

  • REGULATORY REFORM: Used Congressional Review Act (CRA) a record-setting 16 times to roll back Obama-era regulations.

  • ENERGY: Opened one of the largest untapped conventional oilfields in North America, in Alaska, to help keep energy affordable.

  • VETERANS: Delivered real reform and real choice to American veterans with the VA MISSION Act, modernized the veterans appeals process, reformed G.I. bill benefits and further improved VA accountability. 

  • DEFENSE: Helped restore America’s defense with the greatest investment in the military in 15 years and largest troop pay increase in 8 years.

  • HEALTHCARE FOR CHILDREN: Enacted the longest S-CHIP extension in history.

  • BANKING REFORM: Provided relief from burdensome Dodd-Frank red tape for Main Street borrowers and lenders for the first time.

  • COMBATING OPIOID ABUSE: Enacted ‘a multibillion-dollar boost’ to combat a nationwide epidemic.

  • HOPE FOR THE TERMINALLY ILL: Provided terminally ill patients access to experimental treatments (Right to Try legislation).

  • SCHOOL SAFETY: Enacted Fix NICS and STOP School Violence Act to help protect America’s children from gun violence.

  • FIGHTING SEX TRAFFICKING: Enacted the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA) to combat trafficking.

  • OBAMACARE: Repealed the individual mandate tax that forced Americans to buy something many didn’t want or couldn’t afford, and ended IPAB.

  • FIGHTING TERRORISM: Enacted the Taylor Force Act to disincentivize payments to terrorists.

  • SANCTIONS: Imposed on Iran, Russia, and North Korea.

  • REINING IN THE REGULATORS: Changed the balance of numerous boards and commissions from Democrat to Republican control, including the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).



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