Editorials: Welcome To ‘A New Age Of Nuclear Proliferation’

Iran Nuclear Deal ‘All But Guarantees That Iran…Will Eventually Become A Nuclear Power’


Editorials: Iranians ‘Dancing In The Street’ After U.S. Makes A ‘Horrifying Nightmare’ Of A Nuclear Deal

WALL STREET JOURNAL: ‘The agreement all but guarantees that Tehran will eventually become a nuclear power’ “President Obama was right on Tuesday to hail his nuclear agreement with Iran as historic, though not because of his claim that it will ‘prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.’ The agreement all but guarantees that Tehran will eventually become a nuclear power, while limiting the ability of a future President to prevent it.” (Editorial, “Tehran’s Nuclear Triumph,” Wall Street Journal, 7/14/15)

  • “All of this means that the deal leaves Tehran as a nuclear-threshold state even if it adheres to the terms, able to continue its nuclear research and retain its facilities while it waits for U.N. supervision to end. The other nations of the region will take that point, no matter Mr. Obama’s assurances. Instead of eliminating a revolutionary regime’s nuclear ambitions, the Vienna accord promises to usher in a new age of nuclear proliferation.” (Editorial, “Tehran’s Nuclear Triumph,” Wall Street Journal, 7/14/15)

WASHINGTON POST: “If the transformation of Iranian behavior the president hopes for does not occur, the deal on its nuclear program may ultimately prove to be a poor one — a temporary curb that, when it lapses, will enable a dangerous threshold nuclear state that poses a major threat to the United States and its allies.” (Editorial, “Mr. Obama’s Complex And Costly Deal With Iran,” Washington Post, 7/14/15)

STAR-LEDGER: “The risk is that by lifting potent economic sanctions, it will strengthen Iran's sputtering economy, empowering an avowed enemy of the United States and its allies in the Middle East. That is enough for both Israel and some Sunni Arab states to oppose the agreement, and it is a valid concern that President Obama will have to address as Congress debates this over the next few months.” (Editorial, “The Iran Deal Cuts The Risk Of Another Mideast War,” Star-Ledger, 7/15/15)

WASHINGTON TIMES: “The Iranians are dancing in the streets, and why not? They won. There’s not enough sugar in Louisiana to coat the disaster that President Obama and John Kerry agreed to in Iran. Everyone expected something bad, and now that the details of the deal are emerging the dimensions of the disaster are larger than anyone imagined.” (Editorial, “The President’s Deal With Iran,” Washington Times, 7/14/15)

  • “President Obama, through the machinations of Mr. Kerry, was never straight with the people he took an oath to protect and defend, putting out contradictory and inconsistent accounts and explanations of what was going on behind those closed doors. Exaggeration was followed by capitulation, transparent excuse by dishonesty and deceit. When the Iranian side disclosed what was really going on with the negotiations, and the United States offered a contradictory account, the Iranian version turned out to be the correct one. Rarely has an American government shown itself to be so deeply untrustworthy.” (Editorial, “The President’s Deal With Iran,” Washington Times, 7/14/15)

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: “With the blessing of President Obama, the world’s most virulent radical Islamist regime verges on official entry into the globe’s limited club of nuclear states. Welcome to a horrifying nightmare. Obama’s deal with Iran accepts the terror-exporting, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel mullahs as leaders of a threshold nuke power, meaning in command of an atomic program that could readily produce bombs. And that could destroy Israel with the push of a button. Even short of a nuclear holocaust, the button itself would give Iran’s fanatical leaders the power to wreak still more conventional havoc.” (Editorial, “Vote No On Iran Deal,” New York Daily News, 7/14/15)

  • “The President’s major accomplishment was crimping Iran’s weapons-making capacity so that, he says, the mullahs would need a year to build a nuclear weapon, rather than just three months. Thus the commander in chief who once vowed to dismantle Iran’s program slowed the mullahs by, at best, a full nine months.” (Editorial, “Vote No On Iran Deal,” New York Daily News, 7/14/15)

UNION LEADER: “The deal allows Iran to grow wealthier and stronger while maintaining a robust nuclear program that will be inspected on Iran’s terms. We did not get an end to the program, a dismantling of Iran’s most secure facility, a pledge not to arm terrorists or America’s enemies, or even the release of American prisoners currently being held by the regime. What we got were vague assurances that Iran will be nice to us in the future. This President Obama considers a major diplomatic victory. It is becoming harder to tell who is less in touch with reality, Iran’s mullahs or America’s President.” (Editorial, “The Iran Deal: Our Delusional President,” New Hampshire Union Leader, 7/14/15)

NEW YORK POST: “No deal would’ve been far better than the dangerous and misguided one the White House and Tehran are now celebrating… Simply put, this deal doesn’t end Iran’s nuclear program — it preserves it. Obama once vowed that he was committed to ensuring that Iran never acquired nuclear weapons. At best, he’s kicked that can down the road for a decade. And then Iran will be a nuclear threshold state — too close to producing nukes to be stopped.” (Editorial, “Obama’s Iran-Nuke Deal Far, Far Worse Than No Deal At All,” New York Post, 7/14/15)

TAMPA TRIBUNE: “The Iranian nuclear deal that President Barack Obama proudly announced Tuesday exemplifies his curious approach to foreign affairs: Trust your enemies and forsake your longtime allies. It will, at best, delay Iran’s determined march to developing nuclear weapons while giving it an enormous economic boost and advancing its regional ambitions. … the deal’s oversight is iffy. It allows U.N. inspectors to request visits to Iranian military sites, but access can be delayed or denied. Any inspections would be managed by the Iranians and hardly foolproof.” (Editorial, “Trusting Our Enemies In Iran Deal,” Tampa Tribune, 7/15/15)

BOSTON HERALD: “The inspection provisions are laughable. The procedures for ‘dispute resolution’ even more so. And the much touted sanctions ‘snapback’ provisions a diplomatic shell game. In short this is a bad deal and a dangerous one. By giving Iran back more than $100 billion in frozen assets to reinvest in state-sponsored terrorism, it would put the region and the world at greater risk.” (Editorial, “A Shameful Deal On Iran Nukes,” Boston Herald, 7/15/14)

THE OKLAHOMAN: “Unlike Obama, many Americans fear this deal will one day blow up — literally and figuratively. That’s a belief rooted not in pessimism, but in Iran’s record of being an outlier in its own region and the world community. What’s changed?” (Editorial, “Reasons For Concern With Iran Nuclear Deal,” The Oklahoman, 7/15/15)



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